SassyMedicSim takes your current stats and AMP build, and attempts to simulate an optimal dps rotation using the abilities you have in your Limited ActionSet.

To try it: Open the interface by entering "/sassymedicsim" or "/sms" in the Chat Window. Go to the 'Configuration' tab, and hit the 'Sync all to Current' button. This will sync your current stats, LAS, AMPs and Runesets to the config screen. Gadgets and Item Specials are not currently detected by SassyMedicSim, but you can add their details to the small window in the top right of the Configuration Tab.

When you're done, hit the 'Simulate' button. When the Sim is finished you can view the results in the Visualisation tab.

Advanced users can try changing various aspects of the simulation in the Configuration tab.

You can also use the Weight Calc tab to automatically generate stat weights which are customised to your build and spec.


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