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    Sep 12, 2015
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Supported Game Versions

  • API 10



  • Graphic User Interface :
    • Add an option to enable/disable the Ready Check at the end of the break command.
    • Add an option to customize the Ready Check message.
  • [DS] Fire / Life:
    • Fix the blue line direction on Orbs.
    • Filter wrong names displayed (many fire or life boss were tracked).
    • Add 1 timer to indicate the end of the Phase 1.
    • Add crosshair picture with differents size/color on:
      • First player which will be root in phase 2.
      • Players rooted in phase 2.
      • Players with the debuff "Life Force Shackle", which must be dispel.
  • [DS] Logic / * :
    • Standardize the lines on Visceralus for the "Blind light".
    • Standardize the square for the defrag.
  • [DS] Logic / Earth:
    • Fix the defrag detection and so the square around you.
    • Change the line width when the player is focus by the snake or not
  • Global changes for all encounters:
    • Start to standardize timer with the prefix: "Next ..."
    • Start to standardize message in upper case.
  • [CoreY83]: Tested Partially
    • Add lines around bosses to indicates where are automatic attack.
    • Add Crosshair picture on player with the incubation debuff.
    • Add line to the radiation bath.
    • Add Cross picture to mark the regroup zone for players with incubation.
  • [GA] Experiment X-89: (simplified)
    • Add red line and crosshair to player with Big Bomb
    • Add blue line and crosshair to player with Little Bomb
    • Add a small cleave line on Experiment X89
    • Remove many timers (inaccurate)
  • [GA] Kuralak: (small rework) - Not tested
    • Add Egg markers in the room 10s before Egg spawn, and draw a line to drive the player.
    • Replace the number by a crosshair on corrupted player.
  • [GA] PhageMaw: Add line between you and bombs with a limitation of 40 meters.


  • Fix the count down on pull and break command.
  • Fix persistant mark on gloomclaw (previous elemental healed).
  • Fix wrong add unit name in log, when this last have changed.
  • [GA] PhageCouncil: Remove unwanted unit tracked (Like Noxming with 0 healh)

Bug known: 

  • [DS] Logic / Earth: Lines between rocks and the snake's head are not displayed