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    Sep 9, 2015
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Supported Game Versions

  • API 10



  • Graphic User Interface redone, many new settings added:
    • On unit bar, you can enable/disable: Absorb, Shield or cast
    • On timer bar, you can enable/disable count down message and/or sound.
    • You can now disable: Every lines drawed, picture or circles.
    • You can set the max refresh frequency for drawed objects ( for video capture with high FPS ).
    • Logs are now accessible from main GUI.
  • [DS] Earth/Logic:
    • Remove the blue line between the player and the rock.
    • Add Line between the player focus by the snake and the snake's head.
    • Add Line between the rock the most closed from the snake and the snake's head.
    • Add Lines between others rock and the snake's head.
  • [DS] Avatus: Add an option to disable line between player and portals.
  • [DS] Volatility:
    • Add the new pillar and next data devourer timer at beginning of the fight.
    • Add an option to disable lines between you and Data Devourer.
    • Rework the distance detection between you and Data Devourer.
  • /raidc command lines:
    • Sort the result of 'checkversion' by date.
    • Add an Ready Check at the end of the /break command.


  • [DS] Avatus: Fix a small glitch between Holo Cannon debuff and last phase.
  • [DS] Logic Guided RockSlide: Decrease the circle size from 15 to 11.2
  • [DS] Limbo: Decrease the small circle size from 8 to 7