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    Aug 24, 2015
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Supported Game Versions

  • API 10



  • Add the capacity to draw a line from unit positions and/or static positions. First usage is with Core Y-83 Hard More (Incoming).
  • Display the interrupt armor on right side of the health bar, when this last is bigger than 0.
  • [DS] Limbo Infomatrix: Add 2 circles on BEAX unit (telegraph which turn on Keeper of Sands).
  • [DS] Logic Guided Rockslide: Add a permanent circle to anticipate the twirl min range.
  • [DS] Air/Life: Always announce players with the thunder debuff.
  • [DS] Water/Logic: Announce the remaining interrupt armor to do at the beginning of middle phase.
  • [DS] Avatus:
    • Add missing french entry. That fix the red line to the red portal.
    • Rework the 'Obliteration Beam' timer
    • Adjust the Holo Hands spawn indication position.
    • Track the health of 'Excessive Force Protocol'
    • Allow the Mobius health feedback only in the Labyrinth and yellow phase. And so drop any network messages from a player during the Main phase.
    • Improve the 'PURGE' message in blue phase. Now it's "[numberA]. PURGE [color] ([numberB])", where numberA is a cycle counter, and numberB is the cycle counter of the color itself.
      "1. PURGE BLUE (1)" -> "2. PURGE BLUE (2)" -> "3. PURGE RED (1)" -> "4. PURGE GREEN(1)" -> "5. PURGE RED (2)"
       New purge start.
      "1. PURGE RED (1)" -> And so on..
    • Add the timer of the next PURGE cycle in blue phase.
    • Add the timer of the next PURGE increase in blue phase.
    • Add the timer of the next Support Cannon in phase 4.
    • Add phase 3 warning message (near 25%)
    • Add cleave line of "Fragmented Data Chunk", it's the same design as "Holo Hands"



  • [DS] Avatus: Fix the multiple Buff/Debuff processing
  • [GA] Many French/German translations weren't done.


Internal changes:

  • Add the pourcent health value of units tracked in RaidCore's log. For encounter strategy analyze.
  • Add the CombatLogHeal event of units tracked in RaidCore's log. Will be used later for Gloomclaw rework.