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    Aug 10, 2015
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  • API 10



  • DS: Air/Earth: Remove orange lines to trees.
  • DS: Air/Earth: Update thunder assignment to tree algorithm with new boss strategy (purple lines).
  • DS: Air/Earth: Tree mark counter is no more reset to 1 between two phase 2.
  • DS: Air/Life: Add the enrage timer.
  • DS: System Daemon: Update debuff management to be more compatible between languages.
  • DS: System Daemon: Rework the message "PURGE NEAR YOU".
  • DS: System Daemon: Erase part about a interrupt to do to avoid an heal (raid 40)
  • DS: Air/Earth: Increase visibility of "JUMP" warning.
  • DS: Avatus: Manage ground markers by phase, and so reduce the flood informations on screen.
  • DS: Avatus: Send Mobius Health information from yellow room to users in green room.
  • GA: PhageMaw: Few french translations added.
  • GA: Settings added in the RaidCore window.


  • Fix extra shortcut bar event which was sent many times (first use on Avatus)
  • GA: Kuralak: Fix debuff management
  • DS: Air/Earth: Fix an English entry, which restore the cleave timer of Megalith.
  • DS: Avatus: Fix colors messages of purge warning in blue room.