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Supported Game Versions

  • API 10


Change log since last 3.9-Alpha version:

  • Add an option to have 2 digits after the comma on health bar.
  • Few French translations for GA bosses.

Change Log since last 2.0 version:


  • Add a permission check for /raidc break command.
  • Rework how Config is saved/restored (your config will be reset)
  • Timer bars have some colors for Datascape and Core-Y83 encounters.
  • Send version to OneVersion AddOn.
  • Complete rework of "bars": healths, messages and timers:
    • On unit bars, you have now the shield, absorption and cast bar displayed.
    • Add color on unit bar when unit is vulnerable.
    • Display the vulnerability duration on cast bar.
  • Update debuff ID (all languages) for:
    • Fire/Water,
    • Air/Life,
    • Logic/Water,
    • etc...
  • DS: Volatility: Encounter rebuild with timers more explicit
  • DS: SystemDaemon: Fix French translations.
  • DS: Fire/Earth: Encounter added.
  • DS: Limbo Informatrix: encounter added.
  • DS: Logic/Water: Improve timers.
  • DS: Air/Life:
    • Add lines between players with lightning and trees.
    • Add a number on trees.
  • DS: Avatus:
    • Add markers in the green room to help to identify pillars.
    • More support for french users.
    • Take in target the 'Rowsdower' in the labyrinth.
    • Draw lines to portal, to quickly find them.
  • DS: Minibosses changes:
    • BroodMother added with 1 timer for beginning.
    • Canimid: Only the Health bar.
    • Logic Guided Rockslide ( draw a line to the guy focused ).
    • Hyper Accelerated Skeledroid: Only the Health bar.
    • Abstract Augmentation Algorithm: Announce who should do the next interrupt ( First version of IA ).
    • All Fire Warmongers have been rebuild.

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #127: Void Slip causes health bars to disappear ( occur also on Kuralak and Avatus bosses ).
  • When a bot pull an encounter, RaidCore doesn't start for almost everybody.
  • "/raidc break" was available only on Encounter Zone, now is everywhere.
  • Some CPU load was hidden, now the measure done by the game is more correct.
  • DS: FireWater elemental pair: The bomb timer is now always announced.
  • GA: Fix Experiment X-89 about the Bomb messages.