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    May 5, 2015
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  • API 10


Drop 5 Release!

- Add a settings interface for bosses in Datascape. Access via /raidc -  Genetic Archives soon(tm)

- Partial translations for German + French. GA is mostly done, DS partially. In the future this should be completed so you can use Raidcore with multiple client languages.

- A lot of internal code changes for encounter detection. This should improve the performance and reliability of modules.


- Add Stitching Strain warning in the PhageCouncil fight


- Fix an issue that prevented X-89 from displaying a warning when you have the big bomb

- Fix an issue with incorrect warnings for waves in the system daemons fight

- Fix an issue that caused the lines to sometimes draw on top of existing UI elements

- Fix an issue that caused world markers to display in an incorrect position when it was placed on coordinates that were not within the line-of-sight.