Protomon Go!


Initial release!  Capture protomon in the 4 starter zones and 2 capital cities, and battle with them during Katia-run battle events every night!  Currently only usable on NA-Entity (your protomon captures are saved by a character server!)


A big thanks to tons of players that helped bring us here (will be making a proper credits soon), and also to Smooth McGroove for letting us use his music for battles!


/protodex to open up the protodex and view your team


/prototrack to open up the tracker and find protomon in the open world

- Follow the tracker in zones with protomon!

- Click the tracker when near a protomon to open up your datachron viewer

- Click it again when you're next to a protomon!


/protomonbattle to open up battle UI during battles in housing


Coming out in the near future:

- Addon for other players to open up their own arenas and run battles whenever they like

- Protomon spawns in more zones over time!

- Improved artwork for the UI and protomon sprites!




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