NexusMeter is a combat log parser for Wildstar, based upon RiftMeter

How to use

  • Set sort mode by right clicking the header bar
  • Navigate through the modes by clicking the rows (left, right and middle clicks)
  • Scroll if the items exceed the shown rows


  • Navigate through all past encounters (right click combat view)
  • Ability breakdown (left click player)
  • Detailed ability information such as deflects/crits (left click ability)
  • Unit interactions (middle click player)
  • Switch between enemies and friendly units
  • Copy parse to clipboard
  • Overall data tracking ('Total' in the encounters list)

Slash Commands

  • /nm - Show commands
  • /nm hide - Hide windows
  • /nm show - Show windows
  • /nm default - Restore default settings
  • /nm toggle - Toggle visibility of windows
  • /nm lock/unlock - Lock/unlock windows

Some icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Based upon RiftMeter by Vince@BlackOut@Brutwacht (


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