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This addon will allow you to maintain a list of helpful notes for your neighbors.  It will auto-detect harvest nodes and most challenges, expeditions, raids, mailboxes, banks, etc.  The notes are saved at the realm level, so that all of the toons that you have on a realm will have access to the notes, provided you have the same neighbors between toons.

I have regularly been adding content to the addon.  Be sure to check the change logs to see what's new.


/neighbornotes or /nn will bring up the Neighbor Notes window.  You can also add Neighbor Notes to your bottom bar through the interfaces menu.

/nnv will visit the selected neighbor (even if the window isn't up)  You can also type /nnv <neighborname> with <neighborname> being the name of the neighbor that you want to visit.

/nnscan # will automatically visit the # of neighbors that you specify.  The number will be limited by the number of neighbors in your NeighborNotes list.  THIS CANNOT BE ABORTED.  Start with a small number, 2 or 3, and see how your computer/net connection handles it.

By default, Neighbor Notes will automatically open up with the Social Panel Neighbors button.  It will also close with the social panel.  This functionality can be disabled in the configuration

All tabs can be clicked on to sort.  The Neighbor Name tab, Nodes tab, and Plugs tab can be right clicked to set up filters.

Right clicking the "Notes" tab allows you to switch between Notes, and Last Online.

When you visit a neighbor, the next neighbor in the Neighbor Notes list will automatically be selected, so that you can go from house to house (for harvesting) without having to scroll through the list to find the next neighbor.

You can edit the configuration either with the configure button on the top left of the window, or you can access it through the WildStar escape menu.

Other addon authors can open neighbor notes with the "ToggleAddon_NN" event.




The Visitor
Neighbor Notes will add a button to the window if the Visitor is detected.

Kael's Housing Tour
Neighbor Notes will add a button to the window if Kael's is detected.  Neighbor Notes will also try to use Kael's to let you visit non-neighbors.

Known Issues:

Expeditions can only be properly identified if your neighbor also has Neighbor Notes.

I have not yet been able to find a raid portal to add that to the detection scheme.


  • Get someone to update the French, German, and Korean locale files
  • Add the ability to add notes/signs to your Housing plot for other people to see.


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