This Addon does not work without MischhRaidFrames! (preferably v1.12a or later)


Always have your most priorized groupmember targeted!

A little bit about why this Addon exists, and what it does:

Okay, I'm a Medic. A Heal Medic. I leveled an Heal Esper and quickly realized: If I want to spam something with my low-end gear, it had to be a VERY cheap cast. Mind over Body. Now, those of you with an Esper might caught a little problem with this plan. I probably would have gone insane, manually switching targets every second. Not even mentioning the brainpower required to do this would probably be withdrawn from a very important part of this game: Movement. Scince I know the API of this game to a big extent, I knew I could write something automatically selecting targets, while not removing all control from myself. My first plan was to just imitate target-selection as if it was a narrow telegraph with low-health priorization. It evolved from this idea. Now it can priorize by low-health, being head-on and distance to the player. I'm not insane yet.... I think.

A closer look:

It's actually quite simple: The Addon evaluates how many points somebody gets from its position and health. If he is the one with the most points, he'll be targeted. Simple, right? Well.. you need to choose how many points are available from somebodys angle to your facing, distance and missing health. While I like the Addons default Settings, you might not. Try to adjust it to your needs.

Additional features:
  • Class-Dependant Activation. Do you really need this on your Warrior?
  • Disabling for Out-of-Combat. Inspecting gets a real challenge!
  • Disabling with Modifier-Keys pressed (Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Caps). In some fights target selection hurts more, than it helps.
  • Crosshair for your current target. Sometimes, I want to know who I'm targeting.

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