Why use MagicMail?

This addon has one simple purpose - automatically fetch all items and money from the mailbox, and deleting automated mails. It will not delete mails sent by other people.


  • Fetch items and money from all mails in your mailbox.
  • Progress counter and ability to cancel fetching at any time.
  • Allow fetching of gold when out of range of mailbox.
  • Asynchronous operations to try to best avoid mailbox busy and UI lockup issues.
  • Hides annoying error popups, and automatically delays and continues fetching in case of a busy mailbox.
  • Recipient completion when sending mails.
    • Shows up to 10 people gathered, in order, from your alts, recent recipients, friend list, guild, circles and neighbors. NEW: These are color coded so you know better who's who.
  •  Automatically resume item / gold fetching after a small delay if busy (i.e one click will eventually always get everything from the mailbox).
  • Auto-fill mails when sending items or gold, so you don't have to.
  • Ignore button on the mail window to quickly add the sender to the ignore list, right next to the report spam button.


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