LUI_Aura v3.015


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    Apr 7, 2016
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Supported Game Versions

  • API12


  • New Trigger Effect: Change Bar Settings
  • Added Progress Bar to "Source" Trigger Effect.
  • Fixed several odd behaviors when tracking your threat.
  • Threat Trigger now calculates your threat percentage by taking several things into consideration. Your aggro value gets compared to the second highest player if you are tanking and highest in aggro. It compares your threat to the player with the highest threat if you are tanking but not highest in aggro. And as usual it compares your aggro with the tank if not tanking.
  • Added Vulnerability State to Unit Trigger in order to track Moment of Opportunities. ("IsInCCState" tracks all kinds of crowd control, "IsVulnerable" explicitly checks if unit is in a Moment of Opportunity)
  • IsVulnerable-Circumstance (MOO) from Unit Trigger also creates a Duration Source, so you can use it for your Icon Overlay or Progress Bar.