LUI_Aura v2.110


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    Oct 19, 2015
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Supported Game Versions

  • API 11


LUI Aura v2.110

  • Fixed a problem with Text Sources when using Spell IDs.

LUI Aura v2.109

  • Fixed some Tooltips and other minor mistakes/problems.
  • Added new Trigger: Unit
  • Trigger Unit allows you to track unit specific properties and circumstances.
  • Currently supported units are: Player, Target, FocusTarget, Target of Target

LUI Aura v2.108

  • You can now restore specific premade Aura Groups / Bars. (Settings Tab)
  • Fixed a minor problem with v2.107.

LUI Aura v2.107

  • Zone Tracking now also supports: Arenas, Battlegrounds, Expeditions, Adventures, Dungeons
  • Added Zone Tracking to Aura Groups.

LUI Aura v2.106

  • Added additional condition to Gadget Trigger: Gadget Name
  • Resource Trigger now also works for Target, Focus Target and ToT.
  • Added new Trigger: Interrupt Armor
  • Added Interrupt Armor as possible Text Source to Icon Text.
  • Removed Aura Mastery to LUI Aura Import functionality. (More Information)

LUI Aura v2.105

  • Fixed a potential problem with health trigger.
  • Fixed several problems with automatically generated text sources.
  • Text Sources got a lot smarter! (A LOT!!)
  • Text Sources will now automatically update/delete ifself if necessary.
  • Added Text Sources for Icon Text: Resource Trigger, Health Trigger
  • Icon Text can either display the chosen text source or an individual text.

LUI Aura v2.104

  • Reworked Icon Browser for Spells/Auras.
  • You can now search for specific Icons in the Icon Browser.
  • Added Auto-Icon-Finder Functionality to Aura Names and Spell Names.
  • When choosing a name for your Aura or your Spell, LUI Aura will go through all existing spell id's (over 80.000) and change your Icon if a match was found.

LUI Aura v2.103

  • Fixed a problem with Trigger Effects Option Panel, which occured when no Trigger Type was selected.
  • Fixed a problem with Trigger Effect: Color, not being applied accordingly.
  • Circumstance: PvP Flagged is no longer available on PvP Servers.
  • Added Trigger Effect: Change Icon Sprite
  • Because of the new trigger type, some changes to the database were necessary. As a consequence all existing Color Trigger Effects are gone. Please create them again. Sorry for that! :(

LUI Aura v2.102

  • Target Tracking will now ignore targets which do not qualify as an actual target.
  • Made minor changes to how the option panel works, to prevent future localization problems.
  • Fixed a problem with spells not showing up when enabling Bar Config Mode.
  • Fixed a problem when tracking Spell Id's.
  • Fixed/Updated default debuff bar settings.

LUI Aura v2.101

  • Fixed a localization problem in v2.1.

LUI Aura v2.1

  • Added support for Focus Target. (Cast, Buff, Debuff, Health Trigger)
  • Added support for Target of Target. (Cast, Buff, Debuff, Health Trigger)
  • Made minor performance improvements.
  • Improved Debug Messaging
  • Sharing a setting will now tell you if it was successfully shared or not.
  • You can now import/export settings with 1 click.
  • Pressing the Export button will now copy your selected setting to your clipboard.
  • Because of API limitations, exported string length is limited to 31700.