LUI_Aura v2.010


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    Sep 22, 2015
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Supported Game Versions

  • API 10


LUI Aura v2.010

  • Fixed a problem when automatically creating text sources for auras.
  • Fixed a problem with updating existing text sources for auras.
  • Added an option to remove the current text source of an aura.
  • Added "In combat" circumstance option: Only shows aura/bar when player is in combat
  • Added a bunch of class icons

LUI Aura v2.009

  • Removed Blizzard Soundfiles cause of Copyright issues. :(

LUI Aura v2.008

  • Added 242 new sprite icons.
  • Added 280 new spell icons.
  • Fixed a potential problem with detecting abilities after changing the zone.

 LUI Aura v2.007

  • Fixed a potential problem with zone tracking on the PTR.
  • Exporting the whole profile is now limited to apollo's max string length (31744 letters).
  • Fixed a problem with not hiding auras which trigger unit is set to "Target" when clearing the target.

LUI Aura v2.006

  • Auras/Bars will now show/hide instantly (no fade effect).
  • Fixed a potential problem with engineer bot abilities.
  • Added "/louiaura" slashcommand to open option panel.
  • Added "/la" slashcommand to open option panel.

LUI Aura v2.005

  • Fixed Resource Trigger on PTR (GetMana Error)

LUI Aura v2.004

  • Fixed a stupid mistake made in LUI Aura v2.003 :(

LUI Aura v2.003

  • Added AMP Cooldown Tracking Functionality (Work Around)
  • Since tracking the acutal cooldown isn't possible, you can now set a spellName (buff/debuff from AMP's) and set a custom duration. Each time the buff appears, the timer will start and compares itself with the set duration.
  • Fixed Innate Trigger Tooltip

LUI Aura v2.002

  • Fixed a problem with Text Sources that had no defined unit as well as Aura's with incomplete text sources.

LUI Aura v2.001

  • Disabled Debug Mode for Engineer Bot Abilities.
  • Preventing strings on integer text inputs as well es empty strings on text inputs.

LUI_Aura v2.0

  • Added Aura Module. (too much stuff to write down xD)
  • Added Zone Tracking.
  • Added Support for ingame Sharing.