Live Stats

Live Stats shows your stats in a configurable window.  Useful in encounter where you want to maximize your dps and watch what your stats are doing. You can also visually estimate your consistent stats such as crit or AP/SP during an encounter. This helps you plan for rune allocation, rotation, gadget triggering etc. Your stats are saved per character. If you compare these stats from the one on your character sheet it may be a point off but that is just rounding precision and/or formatting the numbers.


Activate by typing /livestats or go to your interface menu.

Use options to set the stats you want to display

Use the scaling slider to adjust the height of the window. For horizontal adjustment use window sizing on the bottom right or left corners.

Use the opacity slider to adjust the opacity to your liking.

To lock the window go to your interface options from your escape menu and then go to the positioning tab and find LiveStats. Select the option you prefer.


Please report any errors or if your a developer and would like to contribute please let me know.

Also, if you have a feature request let me know as well.


If I missed something let me know and I'll update it.





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