KiruTweaks is a collection of miscellaneous UI tweaks or Quality of Life improvements that I made for myself or friends asked for.  Each one is pretty small and I didn't see a reason to spam Curse with 7 addons, so I bundled them all up.  Together they are still pretty small.

Here's what's inside.  Note that all of them are OFF by default.  /kt to open the options window to turn them on.

  • Tweak 1:  Hide the Objective Tracker during combat (or permanently).  This cleans up your UI a bit during combat, or if you've reached the end game and know the quests by heart.. why look at it.
  • Tweak 2:  Auto-Reply to whispers received while in Combat  An option to indicate your current Target and their health %  (user request)
  • Tweak 3:  Auto-Reply to whispers received while in Busy Mode (toggled by slash command /kib)
  • Tweak 4:  Add keybinds to the YES / NO prompts that pop up such as when taking teleporters.
  • Tweak 5: Make the Item Detail popup window escapable (the one that pops up when you click on an item link).
  • Tweak 6: Hide the "new" Housing Banner UI thing at the top of the screen when you're at a house.
  • Tweak 7: Adds the Item Link / Preview menu to Tradeskill Schematic Sub-Recipes (Variants).  Drop 3 only made the main recipe linkable.
  • Tweak 8: Adds Whisper to your Account Friends' menus.  Drop 3 removed it for Account Friends.

Settings are saved on an Account basis because these are UI tweaks, so all characters on the same account should share the same settings.

  • /kt   opens the KiruTweaks options window
  • /kib   toggles the "Busy Mode" for auto replies.  (kib = kiru is busy)
  • /kib blah blah blah   sets the Busy Mode auto reply to blah blah blah.  This is also changeable in the options.
  • /ktqt  toggles the Objective Tracker on and off - same as if you set it in the options panel with "Always"
  • /ktqt off    turns the OT off.. on will do the opposite.

This is not tested with third-party addons unless otherwise indicated in an update, It assumes you use the stock Carbine addons for relevant tweaks.  If you use a third-party addon that replaces one of the stock ones listed, contact me and I can try to integrate the one you use with KTweaks.

  • Tweak 1 uses "ObjectiveTracker" from Carbine
  • Tweak 2 does not use any other addon.
  • Tweak 3 does not use any other addon.
  • Tweak 4 uses "CSI" from Carbine
  • Tweak 5 uses "ChatLog" from Carbine (this is the one most likely replaced)
  • Tweak 6 uses "Housing" from Carbine.. more specifically "HousingRemodel" that comes with it.
  • Tweak 7 uses "Tradeskills" from Carbine.. more specifically "TradeskillSchematics" that comes with it.
  • Tweak 8 uses "ContextMenuPlayer" from Carbine.

Tweaks 1 - 5 have been confirmed as operational in VikingUI.  Tweak 8 is confirmed to work with ViragSocial.


A quick thank you to a couple friends that inspired a couple of these tweaks.  Autumnfell Soothwind, Starchild Silversun, and Reys Petrikov on Entity.  If anyone has questions, bugs, ideas, please feel free to contact me.  Kirukai Leafblade on Entity, or my curse userID at gmail. 

Change Log:

v0.981 - May 23
 - Changed the Quest Tracker tweak to hide the entire Objective Tracker.

- Updated API version to 10  for Drop 5
- Appears all tweaks are still needed, nothing is removed.

v0.97 - Uploaded Nov 30
- Added Tweak 8

- Fixed an issue with Tweak 4.
- Added a (new) Tweak 6:  Hide the Housing banner at the top of the UI when you're visiting a house.
- Readded Tweak 7.  The Drop 3 addition of item links to Tradeskill Schematics missed the Sub-Recipes (Variants) so Tweak 7 is still needed.

- Removed Tweak 6 and 7.  Drop 3 added a menu to the AH/CX and Tradeskill Schematics that made these tweaks obsolete.

- Added Tweak 7
- Slight visual overhaul of the option window.

- Added Tweak 6

- Fixed a bug where the AFK automessage would trigger an Auto Reply over and over.
- NOTE:  Would be helpful if someone using the French or German client would tell me what the equivalent message is displayed while AFK.  English is "Currently away from keyboard."

- Added slash command to toggle the Quest Tracker tweak #1 manually.  /ktqt  (user request)

- Added Option to turn off the Startup Summary
- Added Option to include Current Target and Health % in Tweak 2 (user request)

v0.91 - Initial Release and some clarifications in the Options window.


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