"Error: Your message to 'SomeChatChannel' was sent, but was truncated to fit."

This is the bane of all roleplayers that put out more than 500 characters in a single post.  Your options are: figure out where it cut off and edit your input to paste the rest, or use an external program that counts characters so you can cut & paste under the truncation limit. There are addons that hook into ChatLog to truncate as you go, but people might not use a supported ChatLog replacement, plus I wanted to make my own.

KiruBox is a standalone text box that lets you type till your heart's content, up to the UI limit of 31000+ characters.  When you're done, choose where you want the text to go, it will cut it up into nice bite sized Snips and send them out, complete with a little "(continued)" or "(...)" or whatever you want appended to the end of each post so the reader of your wall of text knows that you are being longwinded.

There's also an option to preview individual Snips and copy them to your clipboard in case you want to paste it somewhere else, or want to control how fast you send out your wall of text.


  1. Automatic cutting up of long messages.  I call them Snips.
  2. Appends "(continued)" by default to the end of each Snip.  This is configurable.
  3. Optional: Add a prefix to the beginning of multiple-Snip messages.
  4. Optional: Add the Roleplay prefix {*} to all sent messages.
  5. Can send messages all at once, or it can send on a delay timer.
  6. Has options for Emote, Party, Say, Guild, Whisper, and Custom (enter any /command .. e.g. "/z" or "/c1")
  7. Two styles of Box - Standard and Basic.  Standard has everything in one window.  Basic removes much of the visual clutter and is more compact.  Both are resizable if you can get your pointer to the bottom right corner.  Use /kboxtype to switch your preferred style.  The next box you open will be in that style.
  8. Multiple Boxes.  If you have an RP session going in Party, and another one going in a Whisper, you can open a second Box and set them to different destinations.
  9. Is not dependent on your choice of ChatLog .  The Box posts directly into the Chat subsystem.

Delay Timer:

There is a clock icon next to the Send button on the Standard Window, or at the top of the Basic Window.  If enabled, KiruBox will wait 5 seconds between sending each Snip, if there are multiple Snips to send.  This is handy if you don't want to knock people over with your wall of text.

Prefix and Continue:

When you are sending out a very long message, KBox will append your chosen text at the end of each message (Continue) to let your reader know there is more text coming.  In addition, there is an option to add text to the beginning of the next message (Prefix) in case you want the user to know that you are continuing a line of text.  The Prefix is mostly useful with the Delay Timer turned on because other messages might sneak in between, but if the Delay Timer is off, the messages are near instant and it is doubtful anything will sneak in between.  Prefix was a user request, I was happy to work it in with the timer update.

Roleplay Prefix:

Carbine has the "Roleplay" prefix of {*} to designate that your message contains evil roleplaying text.  This is a pain to enter.  As of 0.94 there is an option to automatically add this prefix to the beginning of every message KBox sends out.

Slash Commands:

  1. /kbox will open a new Box
  2. /kboxtype will toggle your preference between Standard and Basic boxes.


I wrote this for me because I was sick of the Truncate message.  Hence it's named after me.  And it's just a fancy box.. so.. KiruBox.  If anyone else finds it useful, I will be a happy Aurin.  I will consider feature requests, and of course bug reports.

Feel free to drop me a note with any feedback:  Kirukai, currently on Stormtalon.  Or my Curse username at gmail.


  • v0.96 - May 11
    - Updated API version to 10 for Drop 5

  • v0.95
    - Added KiruBox to the bottom left menu and removed the reminder spam when you close the last box.

  •  v0.94
    - Added option to add the Roleplay prefix {*} to all outgoing messages..

  • v0.93
    - Added a delay timer option when sending multiple Snips
    - Added a Prefix option (user request)
    - Fixed a problem with the internal timer running when no Boxes are open
    - Fixed a resize problem with the Preview window in the Standard form

  • v0.92 - Uploaded Sept 12th
    - Added a button to Clear the textbox
    - Suppressed the internal timer when no Boxes are open
  • v0.91
    - Corrected a Preferences error in the initial release for some users.
  • v0.90 - Initial Public Release


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