Housing Decor Set Manager


  • Invoke the HousingDecorSetManager Addon by typing /DecorSetMgr or /dsm into the chat window.
  • Save your currently decorated house as a Decor Set.
  • Load a saved decor set and place the decor back to it's saved location with the same position, rotation, and scale values.
  • Place decor one by one, or use the "Place All" button to place everything.
  • Decor can be place directly from the player's crate, or purchased from the housing vendor.
  • Decor that you don't own and can't be purchased from the vendor will be displayed so you can go hunt it down again!
  • Share your Decor Sets with other players!
  • Import Decor Sets.
  • You can also save your current Landscape and Remodel options so you can keep track of the entire plot.
  • Saved sets will also save all linked decor information and restore it when it's placed again with Place All.


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