Note 07/28/14:

There is currently a bug in the Carbine crafting code that will cause you to get less output materials than expected in some situations (Basically you loose stuff). If you craft an item:

      1. That is stackable
      2. That does not fit into the tradeskill bag or has a a full 250 unit stack in the tradeskill bag
      3. That creates more than one output item from a single craft
      4. That has a partial stack in the regular inventory
      5. That has a sufficiently large partial stack that crafting the recipe once more should split it's output to complete the partial stack and start a new stack.

In this situation you will only get the partial amount to fill up the first stack to it's maximum size - any extra/overflow output items that should build a new stack are lost.
This bug is exacerbated by Hephaestus' batch size crafting - basically you could not only loose the output of a single craft, but could loose the output of up nine crafts or more.

I've uploaded a damage mitigation release that tries to minimize any potential loss due to this bug - basically it makes sure to only cross the new stack threshold with a single item craft. Sadly you may still loose item outputs this way.

If you want to make sure you are unaffected make sure to always split stacks in a way that crafts can fill the maximum stack size (If the output quantity is even, don't start with an odd partial stack, split the stack and bank one item; if the output is five items per craft make sure you start with a stack that fits a multiples of five to it's maximum stack size, etc.).

I'll try to get some auto stack-splitting feature in here to work around this bug, but I've not yet done any inventory manipulation, so no promises on how fast this could get in.


Hephaestus adds several convenience features to crafting. One of the most important ones is the creation of multiple items at once and (with the release of version 2.0) a crafting queue:

With the stock interface you always have to click once for each crafted item (or even multiple times). With this addon you can queue up your items, hit one button and then lean back and drink a coffee ;)


Version 2.2:

- Updated to API 9
- Removed Dependency on CRBTradeskills (a custom version of Carbine'sTradeskills addon) - if you have no other Addon installed that uses CRBTradeskills feel free to disable/delete CRBTradeskills. Will still support running with CRBTradeskills for the forseeable future, but the recommended installation runs without it.

Feature overview:

      1. Crafting queue

        Allows multiple items to be queued up for crafting.

        Starting the queue will then craft the list of items in order without further user interaction. Items are either crafted in batches (up to a maximum of typically 10 per batch if possible - depends on schematic), or one after the other.

        Queue uses some sanity checks to make sure you have enough materials to create the desired items as well as enough room in your inventory to store the output materials. Stops processing if crafting is not viable.

        Queue is persisted through play sessions.

      2. Interface menu integration

        Addon is listed in bottom left interface menu and offers pinning and alerts

      3. Default Schematic list improvements

        Adds output counts to schematic display:

        Makes Materials click- (and navigatable):

        With this feature you can immediately switch from a schematic to it's material in the recipe list. Especially useful for Technologists, who with this for example can quickly navigate from Gadget to Gadget Reagent to Relic Part.

Command and interface changes:

Adds the /cq command to show/hide the Craft Queue. Adds Hephaestus to the Interface Menu list - allows showing/hiding the Craft Queue through this or the pinnable button.

Current limitations:

      • Mostly does not work for Circuitboard Crafting skills (yet): Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Outfitter & Tailor can only use the queue for 'simple' crafts (those that do not open the circuit board). [See planned features for how this is supposed to improve]

      • Only supports 'base variant' items for Coordinate Grid Crafting - variants are not yet available. [See planned features for how this is supposed to improve]

      • Queue does not anticipate inventory changes.

        Currently the queue only checks the current inventory state, not the result of possible crafts performed before a particular items is crafted.

      • Costs & Success chance are currently meaningless - once variants & circuit board blueprints are in, those will incorporate costs and the 'overload' or 'hit/miss' chances.

Planned Features:

      • Add variant crafting for grid crafting (Still need to work out some math)
      • Add Crafting for circuit board items - most likely this will happen in some form of 'blueprints' which allow you to store a 'normal' circuit board crafting state, and then save the made decisions as a repeatable blueprint to be then queued up for an arbitrary number of repeats.
      • Dynamic interface state tracking - allows crafting precursor items, then use those to craft intermediate or final items.
      • Allow queues to be saved/loaded for repeated production.


See respective LICENSE files in Hephaestus/lib for those packages individual licenses.

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