ForgeUI v0.3.2


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    Feb 7, 2015
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ForgeUI v0.3.2
- Nameplates: Option to reposition nameplates for big creatures
- Nameplates: Added option to always show nameplates with active quest
- Nameplates: Fixed bug with overlapping name/guild
- ForgeUI: New icons (thanks to Sistray)
ForgeUI v0.3.1
- Nameplates: Added option to change size of absorb bar
- Nameplates: Fixed option to turn on/off clickable nameplates
- UnitFrames: Fixed ERROR
- UnitFrames: Added IA to focus
- UnitFrames: Added border art for buffs/debuffs (debuff art not working - Carbine's problem)
- ActionBars: Fixed hidden buttons (kind of)
ForgeUI v0.3.0
- ForgeUI: Reworked API
- ForgeUI: Added API for creating skins/themes
- ForgeUI: Reworked movables
- Option to change size of grid
- Right-clicking movables show precision window
- ForgeUI: Added colorpicker
- Right-clicking on color box shows colorpicker
- ForgeUI: Added list of addons
- Option to reset settings of single addon
- ActionBars: Reworked actionbars. More options comming...