ForgeUI v0.3.0


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    Feb 3, 2015
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ForgeUI v0.3.0
- ForgeUI: Reworked API
- ForgeUI: Added API for creating skins/themes
- ForgeUI: Reworked movables
- Option to change size of grid
- Right-clicking movables show precision window
- ForgeUI: Added colorpicker
- Right-clicking on color box shows colorpicker
- ForgeUI: Added list of addons
- Option to reset settings of single addon
- ActionBars: Reworked actionbars. More options comming...
ForgeUI v0.2.6
- Nameplates: Added option to make nameplates non-clickable
- UnitFrames: Fixed threat indicator (on ToT unitframe)
ForgeUI v0.2.5
- ForgeUI: Added /focus command
- ResourceBars: Stalker - color change below 35 suit power
- ResourceBars: Added focus' percentage value
- ForgeUI: Changes in navigation through menu
- Nameplates: Added cleanse indicator
- Nameplates: Add info (level, class)
- InfoBar: Fixed max number of EG
ForgeUI v0.2.4
- ResourceBars: Slinger - added surged bar colors
- ResourceBars: Added option to change focus bar color
- PetFrames: Fixed not showing of PetControl after summoning a pet
- UnitFrames: Fixed visibility of ToT's threat when not used
- ForgeUI: Fixed not saving settings after fresh installation
ForgeUI v0.2.3
- UnitFrames: Added threat indicator to ToT frame
- ForgeUI: New sprite 'InnerGlow' for movables
- CastBars: Added focus' cast bar
- CastBars: Fixed error when self.cast == nil
- ResourceBars: Added option to permanently show resource bar
- Nameplates: Renamed nHideBarsOver
- SprintDash: Added option to permanently show sprint or dash bar
ForgeUI v0.2.2
- Nameplates: Fixed absorb bar
- InfoBar: Fixed XP for non-50lvl characters
- InfoBar: Added tooltip for XP/EP
- CastBars: Target's IA now movable
- ForgeUI: Fixed infinite IA sprite
- MiniMap: Added unit updates (quest mark disappear after accepting quest)
- MiniMap: No longer needs to reloadui for apply changes
- MiniMap: Added Party players to settings
ForgeUI v0.2.1
- UnitFrames: Removed Movable_PetFrame
- ResourceBars: Fixed visibility of Movable_Focus
- MiniMap: Added NSEW
- Nameplates: now shown only player's weapon nameplate
- Nameplates: target's hp bar now shows propperly
- ForgeUI: Changed disclaimer and author's name