ForgeUI ActionSets

ForgeUI ActionSets helps you to quickly swap one skill for another without using the Action Set Builder window. (Original idea credit: SkillSwitch by Telison)


ForgeUI ActionSets adds small buttons at the top of your action bar. When moving the mouse over a button a menu will appear where you can select a skill to swap to. Whenever you have swapped a skill into a certain slot on your LAS this will be remembered, and swapping back and forth can be done in just one click. When one skill is swapped for another the tier level of the original skill will be applied to the new skill.

You can build your own often used abilities history and then hide all unnecessary UI elements to have cleaner look

This addon requires 'ForgeUI' v0.5.4 or higher and 'ForgeUI_ActionBars' installed and enabled to work properly. It will NOT work with 'ForgeUI_ActionBarsExt'!


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