Make profits via buy and sell orders on the CX, posting items on the AH, or buying materials to craft for plats. See all information about bookmarked commodities and auctionables, and check at a glance for profitable items in your crafting professions.


Latest Release News

Flip0.1.12 adds very basic support for the AH.  Please let me know in the comments below what kind of AH support you'd like to see in the future.



If you're having trouble, find your Flip addon save data and upload it to something like Pastebin so that I can debug your problem with your settings.  You can find your addon save data at:



Project Description


  • Minimal UI
  • Many plats

At the Commodities Exchange:

  • Bookmarks list  created by clicking +'s in the CX that lets you save items you frequently buy or sell, individually or entire searches at once.
  • Commodity groups via "/flipgroup" with independent options for posting buy orders, sell orders, and coloring in the bookmarks list.
  • Create new order price and color options via "/flipmarket".
  • Load just the items you can sell with the "Place Sell Order" tab, sorted by total sell order income, not PPU.
  • Filtering based on expected profit (calculated from realtime prices, no fancy saved information) via the slider, factors in the taxes; or filter based on the group a commodity is in.
  • Remove bookmarks by right-clicking on their header in the bookmarks window and deleting the item, or delete entire groups at once via "/flipgroup".
  • Updates buy/sell order prices based on your price settings, and lets you post right from the bookmarks list.
  • Loads your current (bookmarked) listings and lets you cancel undercut listings all at once or one by one.
  • Toggling whether your listings appear, item by item or all at once with the ^ and v buttons
  • Tooltip for item appears when hovering over the item picture
  • Optional continuous refreshing if you're sitting at the CX.
  • If you have CommodityStats installed:
    • "/flip" window includes a button that opens commodity history.
    • New tab called "Scan For Profit" that brings up a list of items that could potentially be profitable based on the last CommodityStats scan.
  • Option to open "/flip" when the CX opens can be found on the Options menu under "Flip".
  • Most settings save & restore.

At the Auction House:

  • Very basic bookmarking options, with bid/buyout price on bookmarks list that automatically matches the lowest known AH buyout price.

At the Crafting bench:

  • "/flipcraft" pulls up a list of potentially profitable crafts based on your current professions.  The window is sorted by the estimated profit, but AH fees are not included.


Known issues:

  • When you delete a marketplace option, the options for existing items will change.  My bad.  Will fix soon.
  • Currency boxes are dumb.
  • You can only select items in "/flipgroup" if you've previously selected a group.  That seems kinda silly.
  • Currently just for orders, since I developed it just for my own needs This doesn't seem to bother anyone.
  • No buy/sell history, so it's hard to tell if you'll really make a profit flipping Use CommodityStats.

Todo list:

  • Try to figure out why the place order mouseovers aren't workin' so hot.
  • Reduce memory footprint.

Nebulous future development:

  • Add buy/sell conditions for placing orders.

If you're interested in helping:

  • Very much in need of testers and code auditors.  Set your Curse Client to "Alphas" and complain immediately if anything goes wrong when you load an Alpha or Beta version.

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