FinalFive add a sound notification when you reach X PSI-Points.

You can freely choose between 6 sound effects or even add new ones on each PSI-Points

  • SlashCommands
    • /ffhelp  will show all commands
    • /ffconfig will show FinalFive Settings
    • /ffoff will turn off the sound alert
    • /ffon will turn on the sound alert

FinalFive V1.1

what's new ?


-  Plenty of new sounds  are now available !


My previous custom sound isn't working anymore, what should i do ?

Don't panic !

In v1.0,  you can now use up to 5 custom sounds (One per PSI-Points)

If you already have one and you want to use it at 5 PP :

  • Go to your wildstar addons folder C:\Users\Your Username Here\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\addons\
  • Rename or delete the file named "5.wav"
  • Rename "custom.wav" -> "5.wav"
  • Go back to Wildstar and choose "Custom" on the 5 PP option


How to add a custom sound notification :
IMPORTANT : Before following these steps, know that all previous custom sounds will be erased. Be sure to save them outside FinalFive folder if you don't want to lose them

How to add a custom sound notification :

- Rename your sound file x.mp3 where x is the PSI point you want to customize
(also work with wav files)
Example : If you have a sound file named kamehameha.mp3 and you want to play it
when you are at 5 PSI Points,you need to rename it 5.mp3

- Launch Houston located in your wildstar folder WildStar\Client64\Houston64.exe
(64 bits version)

- Go to File/Open/ (Ctrl+o)

- Go to your addons folder and select FinalFive
The default location should be in C:\Users\Your Username Here\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\addons\

- Select toc.xml

- Go to Includes/EditSounds and click on cancel

- Click on 'Add' and open your sound file x.mp3

- Click on 'Import' and you can close Houston without saving the addons

- You can then go back to Wildstar and select 'Custom' from FinalFive Settings.


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