EzSocial Bar

EzSocial Bar is an addon intended to provide a overall easy to read summary of your social status Similar to that of the social bar in SWTOR.


  1. Overview of Online Friends, Guild members and Circle Members
  2. Click to open Friends / Guild tabs
  3. Mail
  4. Notifications: When someone comes online / offline from your friends list
  5. New Friendship Notifications: When someone has added you as either friend, or accounts Friend.
  6. Friendship status updates: get a message when a friend comes online and goes offline (partially untested. feedback appreciated, it seems to work for friends, but not account friends?)
  7. Customizable UI, choose if you want to show circles, guilds or friends. and how you want to show things
  8. Mouse over each element to see Who is online in Guild or Friends List

Woop! Version 1 :)

Thanks you everyone who has and continues to downloaded my addon. This release marks the first non-beta version of the Addon.
This means that I have now acheived the functionlity I had inmind when I started development, but does not mean i am done.
I will continiue to add things as i see fit and make changes based on your feedback.

-- Version 1.0 --

  1. UI Building: Toggle Notification on or off, move them above or below the bar
  2. UI Building: Toggle Mail on or off, move it to the left or Right of the bar
  3. Friends Online: Hover over the Friends: n to see who is online
  4. Guild Members Online: Hover over the Guild: n to see who is online
  5. New Settings UI, let me know what you think
  6. Display Guild name instead of Guild [BETA: See Dev notes]]
  7. Movement Assist frame [See Dev notes]
  8. Update Frequency: change how often the bar updates itself
  9. Notification Duration: Change how long Notifications display for
  10. Added a Button for the UI Dock, this just opens the options menu removes all the /command clutter
  11. Account level Saving - Allow you to save your settings to the account level, so the same settings are avalaible to all characters.

If problems are encountered, please report them on the Curse page, or preferably on my GITHub https://github.com/almostCrimzon/EzSocialBar

-- Developer Notes --
@ Guild display name: This is a beta feature, very long names may wrap and look odd. I am looking into this,
please let me know the guild name and a screenshot of how it looks :)

@ Movement: I have seen people have problems with this so just a few words.
Yes, this addon is hard to move, sorry about that. However this is due to how the UI works, The UI Container which holds all of the elements is movable,
but the acctual elements themselves are not. This means if you click the Social bar, notification or mail icon it wont move.

The solution to getting around this is to enable either mail or notifications and click and drag there.

-- Slash Commands --
/ezs - Opens the Options Menu
/ezs options - Opens the Options Menu
/ezs reset - revert to default options and positioning

-- Features I want to add --
1. Circle Members online: hover over circle to see who is online
2. Notifications inline with rest of bar
3. Other requests? make them on Curse or my GITHub :)

-- Version 1.0b --
[*] New Options UI: The old one was getting too cluttered
[*] New Setting: Enable Friends mouseover Information: Enable or disable the tooltip
[*] New Setting: Enable Guild mouseover Information: Enable or disable the tooltip
[*] New Setting: Tooltip Cutoff: Maximum number of people to show on the tooltips
[*] Mouseover guild information should no longer cause the Guild Roster to not work.
[The exception to this is when you use both tooltip and roster, but why would you do that ;)]




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