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As of the Wildstar Free to play launch on Sept 29th 2015, this mod will no longer function.  The stat system will be completely redone and none of the stats displayed will exist in a meaningful way.  At that date this mod will cease to be updated or supported.  If I do decide to create a mod for the new system, I will create another completely separate addon.  At that date you should remove this addon from your addons folder or not install it at all.


Type /ett or /ETooltip to bring up the options menu.

ETooltip adds a summary to the tooltip of an item with relevant information on secondary stat increases including: milestones reached and bonuses from them, converts ratings into secondary stat estimates, as well as consolidates information from multiple bonuses (ex + critical severity from 2 primary stats will be shown added together instead of separately).

Displayed stats:

  • Item power - A raw number which represents the item budget (higher = more powerful)
  • Stat summary - Summary of stat increases
  • Rating conversion Ratings to secondary stat conversions
  • Milestone checking - Did you hit or lose a milestone with this item?
  • Rune valuations - How powerful are runes when inserted?
  • Fully configurable options - Choose what you want displayed




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