Are you tired of your combat UI looking like someone spewed alphabetti spaghetti over the screen?


drFloatText is a combat text replacement addon which displays scrolling text in a clean and clear way so that you can see which unit the text is attached to.


Type /drft to open the configuration window, or select the drFloatText tab from the System Escape menu.


NOTE: You will need to disable any existing FloatText replacement addons that you have installed, eg ForgeUI_FloatText


Configurable options:

* Size and Font of text

* Draw text at feet for tall units

* Draw shield damage and HP damage as a single number

* Hide damage lower than a certain percentile

* Pop out just crits or all damage which is higher than a certain percentile

* Customize color for each different damage type


Issues tracker and source at: https://github.com/drspod/drFloatText


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