Costume Manager



Automate your costumes and put on a light show!


This addon provides several core features, many of which are a direct result of requests from players! Here's a brief overview of what this addon can do for you.

  • Automation
  • Randomization
  • Sequencing
  • Custom Time Delays
  • Auto Start

 What's New (Version 2.2)

  • Introducing support for custom time delays and minor bug fixes.

Getting Started

Getting started is simple, just type /cm in chat :)


Sequencing Mode

Sequencing mode allows you to define a custom repeatable pattern to switch between your costumes.

Setting "1232" will rotate through the costumes 1-3-1 using the global time delay between switches.


Example 2:

Setting "12[5]3332[1.5]" will rotate through the costumes using the global time delay except where followed by [#]. In this case, the costume will be held for the specified amount of time.

Random Mode

Much like sequencing mode, random mode will pull from all of the costume numbers you provide randomly. Repeated numbers for increased odds are allowed.


The values "1223" will rotate between costume 1, costume 2, and costume 3 with odds of 25%, 50% and 25% respectively.

Global Interval

The timer interval simply tells the addon how frequently you want your colors to change. This can vary from very fast (0.6 seconds) to something more moderate, such as 10 seconds.

Auto Start

Auto Start will persist your settings between /reloadui and restarting your game client. When you log in with this setting enabled, your settings will be in effect immediately.

Contact Information

 Looking to get in touch? Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to us in game.


Entity NA

Mail/Whisper: Turquoise Color

Mail/Whisper: Lysandria Medside


 Special Thanks to Doctor House!

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