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  • API14



  • fixed error on remove partial while Totals is open
  • update for time display on end combat is now more immediate


  • 'Save Combats' and "Auto Clear Combats' are now enabled by default for new installs.  Any existing installs before 61121.0 will have both of these options automatically enabled one time only when upgrading to a newer version.
  • New completed save combat feature, which allows meter data to be saved on reloads or between game sessions. Data is saved per character. This feature has quietly been available in different forms since 61016.0 but is now ready for general use.
  • New completed auto-remove combat feature, which allows the oldest combats not open in a window to be removed automatically. Currently the released threshold is 9MB for removal which, given the current state of much improved efficiency for the addon, should still provide excellent performance.  This feature has quietly been available in different forms since 61016.0 but is now ready for general use.
  • New completed dynamic real time and saved data compression and archival, which has been available and running in one form or another since before 61016.0. The compression is an internal feature, which is integral to both removal tuning and combat save features. Combats not actively collecting data or being viewed in a window will be archived and compressed on-the-fly, to save memory and gain runtime efficiency. This tuning pass also compressed areas and cache totals that would greatly reduce cache flush issues by minimizing need to load unused data, and tuned to greatly reduce impact on the overall GC completion time for the Lua VM. This allows the meter to run much longer with more data and still perform much more like an unloaded meter. This also reduces the burden on other addons and the client in general to a negligible amount. The goal is to allow a nights worth of raid data automatically managed with little or no performance impact.  I'd like a variety of feedback if anyone can share, on how close in its current state 9MB gets to doing that for future tuning. Also for those curious, you can watch compression state change thought debug messages using undocumented '/cm debug' to toggle messages on and off.
  • New completed partial dynamic compression/uncompression and removal for the 'Totals' combat, which allows individual units to be archived or removed even though the Totals combat is always "live".  This allows totals to run as close in resource usage as the current combat as possible and to get pruned much closer to the current state of still existing combats, rather than simply being an ever growing combat and eventually taking all of the removal limit resources itself.


  • Medic Rejuv and M-Probes 'Dot' spell events have been merged with non-Dot spell ability data. The separate Dot ability appears to be a carbine bug and a missing piece from the regular non-Dot spell events. Stats for these spell types should now be more accurate and easier to read and correlate.


  • unified stalker Clone names and should now always show up as pet Clone. This removes a small amount of DB size, but make it much easier to see stats revolving around stalker clones in aggregate.
  • added grouping bar colors  to combats mode where colors change between the sub-zones or instances. This should make it much easier to identify sections of history especially when scrolling up and down
  • changes names in combats mode for combats in PvP instances to use the PvP instance world name. Previously a player pet would almost always end up being the combat name in a PvP instance, as the aggregate pet units would end up with the most damage and look like a boss
  • added tooltips for combats list to show zone name and sub-zone name for that combat.


  • fixed incorrect values in abilities mode view where totals were double and ability percents were half 


  • added option to disable the left side colored row markers, in options, advanced. Markers are  used to show additional type information, like enemies marled red in the player list
  • decreased the opacity by of the colored row markers by 10%


  • ability and interaction ability modes now recovery correctly when new combat starts. This means that they will find and show stats for that scoped ability again as soon as there is data again for that ability in that scope. So, for example, if you were displaying ability details for a player's interaction with a particular mob, when a new combat starts the display will show that ability for that interaction again as soon as that ability is used by that player on that mob again, otherwise will sit blank as is customary to indicate no data yet on new combat. 
  • added reports for ability and interaction ability
  • added reports for combats, interactions, interaction abilities. Now all modes should be reportable via the report button.
  • fixed issue with combats mode having a zoom effect, where when scrolling it was scaling the bars to only on what was visible in the list. now bars will be relative to all combats.  the value for the bar is still DPS, which was intended to allow seeing relative DPS between runs or combats.
  • fixed issue with number formatting where showing percents but not absolutes would have left and extra comma in the display
  • added percentages to combats list so that you can see the relative dps value as a number between fights/combats


  • added a marker on the left for mobs or enemies in the combat mode/player list. An enemy is currently any unit that is not a player or a player's pet, any player not in your group (for BGs and Arenas), or players in group that have a hostile disposition toward you (Dueling someone in your group or mechanics that might make a group member an enemy).  This should also help make more clear when you are in Enemies or Players filter mode (the person/monkey button in the header).
  • fixed long standing issue with the ability mode/detail view where viewing the "Totals" ability was not including pets
  • fixed long standing issue where pets would not update continually in the single 'ability mode' but just show a snap-shot of when the button was pressed to choose the pet ability. there is still an issue updating on new combat while still looking at a pet ability detail.


  • changed stats directly on player get created on demand, so should lower memory requirements further
  • fixed long standing issue where the interrupt effect was counting as a swing. Now if you cast a spell that also removes IA, it will not count the extra effect as a second swing. Before this change something like Crush would generate 2 swings one for the dmg and one for the removal notification. This should help show better real world multi-hit and crit rates.
  • fixed long standing issue where spells with multiple IA removal, like Crush T4, would only count as 1 interrupt on the 'Ability'. The number on the player would still have recorded 2 for T4 Crush. Its important to note the field is meant to show how many IA were attempted to be removed that "landed" on a target (was in the telegraph), and does not show actual effective IA removal. This is similar to swings where only attempted hits of something in the telegraph count as a swing, but there may be further data, like if it was deflected, etc...
  • set default text opacity as 0.95 to take advantage of the newer opacity feature so that default text isn't so glaring and little less aliased
  • fixed single ability mode/page to show more complete totals, so you can see your total damage while you watch the details
  • fixed the single ability mode/page to respect current scroll on combat restart so can continue to see same stats
  • added ability for single ability mode/page to resume after combat restart rather than kick mode back to player abilities list

61003.0, 61002.3

  • added deflects to main filter list,  the Sort Modes.  Can now watch deflects across the whole UI, just like what's been available for interrupts. This should, at the least, be useful is various raid or BG contexts, and possibly good sanity check for leveling.
  • fixed issue with percents not showing on player hover tooltip
  • lowered average ability data size and cost

60930.0, 60929.0

  • fixed several issues with the default always show self option
  • moved more of the  in-combat checking to the slow timer, better performance, checks will be more correct
  • fixed so changing the bosses only option always has the change reflected immediately in the list rather than next combat update
  • upped the last combat action timeout to 3 seconds form 2 


  • fixed issue with color options not updating UI unless modes were switched
  • fixed 'unlock' slash command description to say 'unlocks' instead of 'locks'
  • reworked portion of player in-combat detection and placed on a slower timer
  • fixed sort modes sometimes not clearing right side text from previous mode


  • fix for incorrect minimum values on detail mode
  • fix for incorrect totals and percents on abilities list mode


  • fixed total on abilities to show all of total damage, dps, and the 100% percent
  • reworked abilities mode to now use the new more efficient mechanism as regular combat player lists
  • fixed combats list to be correct with BossesOnly option
  • change combat start so that ui updates immediately on first cast actions


  • added multi-window feature where additional windows can be created an used independently. This allows more than one mode or filter to be seen at one time, like players damage and players heal; or players damage, players interrupts, and self damage abilities all viewable together. new windows are created using the '+' button on the footer, and will spawn with the same settings, modes and filters as which ever window you chose to click the add window button, as  starting point for the next window's view. This allows, for example, easily showing abilities list of a player in the current context, in a separate window.
  • modes and combats are all now using the new more efficient mechanism as regular combat player lists. many of the other modes still need to be converted for even more performance.  However the primary paths have all been cleaned enough finally the offer multi-window, without noticeable performance issues
  • regular combat player chat reports were fixed to now have the correct dps and percentages, where they were reporting half the dps as they should have before the fix.
  • the players and enemies filter button now has a single tooltip for both modes. For clarity I want to note here that if you see the monster button you are looking at players in the meter, and click on the monster to get the enemies, and click on the player again to get players.  So just like the play/stop button, what you see on the button is what will happen if you click on it.


  • fixed relative window positioning so that the top window edge will anchor to top of screen when within the screen's upper 35% rather than just top 25%.  This will allow the window to stay just under the mini map more easily, even when changing between full-screen and windowed modes, rather than tending to end up anchored the vertical middle
  • fixed reports displaying wrong number of lines, where if you picked 5 it would only show 5 lines including the header, so 2 detail lines and 3 header lines. correctly shows the header plus N number of detail lines
  • added combat index numbers to "combats" list, so you can tell how far the list is scrolled down and gives a quick count of how many encounters/fights there have been
  • reworked data query end-to-end for "combat" mode player list, which should reduce time and garbage generated greatly
  • swapped  to create on demand for a lot of the smaller player data tables, should equate to lower memory usage
  • cleaned up the config ui for spacing, colors, and labels
  • changed all the color buttons to the text on color style, thanks to Pwnizuka for helping to decide which style to keep
  • fixed changes to the 'Always show self' option to reflect changes in list immediately rather than on next combat update


  • fixed all update paths, that weren't based on button click with a need to update immediately, to culminate on the actual update timer cadence. Updates should look snappier with better animation, and be easier to read.  Should also provide better performance overall with fewer spurious updates
  • removed the vortex hard coded '0.3' second ui update restriction. Actual ui update cadence will now match update frequency option slider. This allows the slider to more correctly affect real performance, and helps ui updates also to sync and integrate better with other events with less code. Before only the end combat detection was operating faster than 0.3.
  • changed default update rate to 0.3 seconds, from 0.2, as most people would probably want the resources back, rather than a visual cadence that's faster than vortex was at its old 0.1 setting. Anyone still set below 0.3, before this update, will automatically get updated to a 0.3 setting. This will still have an average faster and more complete stat update to the ui, than vortex at its fastest setting.
  • removed the ui update restriction of "only on damage to other unit", so that all spell cast types can trigger a ui update. This means that "heal" and other filter modes will finally see fast updates with the same cadence as damage, making these and others first class citizens with damage. This will probably help players most who were trying to monitor healing in raids where gaps in mechanics that had no dps, effectively caused meter ui healing updates to stop.
  • note: There was an old long standing vortex behavior, where numbers would sometimes appear to shift greatly at "end combat", as though the meter was calculating the final "waiting for end of combat time" into dps average times. This was actually just an anomaly due to last action update not showing before the EoC update. Now on solo dummy tests, for example, the final spell action update will be much closer more often to end of combat update.

60920.0, 60919.0, 60918.0

  • front-end performance cleanup, cheaper row updates / render
  • fixed hover opacity flicker on resize, there is also now a slight delay on when the window becomes more transparent 
  • minor performance boost on default combat mode, i.e. showing the player list
  • fixed issues with always show self option which is on by default. thanks to Culex DeVanda for patience in helping me test at the dummies

60917.0, 60916.0, 60815.0

  • possible fix for multiple extra combats being generated during death or between BG rounds
  • fix for Lua error on 'arithmetic on nil value for nData'
  • removed the background and header 'flash' to full black on load and new window
  • removed the header text darkening on hover 


  • fixed issue with views or reports that contained NaN type numbers that would cause addon lockup
  • added '/cm show' and '/cm hide' slash commands. these show or hide the ui without disabling or enabling the meter like '/cm on' or '/cm off' would. Clicking close or using the on/off option will hide the ui and stop additional information form being added to the meter, where as 'hide' will just hide the ui and the meter will still keep metering without the ui being shown
  • added '/cm start' and '/cm end' slash commands, which are the same as the clicking the start and stop buttons on the main window header.  these attempt start and stop the current 'combat' or meter session, normally tied to when player or group combat starts or stops


  • fixed showing multiple copies of the same player form different instances
  • shortened Sort Modes header title so its more visible for a more narrowly resized window
  • fixed one of the long standing memory leaks revolving around multiple sets of the same abilities

60912.0, 60911.2

  • fixed interaction view crash on new combat start
  • fixed scrolling to last ability and interaction ability
  • removed the bulk of Lua closures on events, were created every row every update
  • the bar formatting settings in the general tab will now always update in the list when the option is toggled

60910.0, 60908.1

  • row tooltips now open to the sides of the main window rather than obscuring the rows, to which ever side is clear of the screen edge
  • removed unused icons
  • added long missing ability to change row text and icon opacity, to complement the new row background opacity
  • fixed long standing issue with row background randomly hiding row icons
  • continuing to work though back end rewrites, more speed

60907.2, 60906.3

  • added  VortexTrueColors player color palete option
  • this was primarily a color edit and options window pass
  • added long missing ability to change row opacity. before was only header/footer and background
  • can now edit all the major row bar colors like class and ability types in the color tab
  • can use color wheel, paste hex, or type float RGB values in color editor 
  • current options tab highlights and tab mouse hovers  now work correctly
  • and more

60905.0, 60904.2

  • fixed not leaving meter combat when solo. let me know if you see any meter combat stops when you or the group are actually still supposed to be in combat
  • first 'Release' build
  • fully automatic 8 point window anchor: center and along left, right, top bottom edges,  same as StatView and QueueView. Can now make the window stay relative to closest edge or center on either axis.  For example, placing window bottom-right, center-right or top right will cause the window to stay relative to that position between reloads and on screen size changes.  If the window is placed partially or fully off screen or magically ends up way off screen, it will also get pushed back inside on next reload or window size change.  


  • report form is now delay loaded
  • cleanup of configuration variables
  • old settings will lost loading this version

60901.0, 60830.1

  • finally really fixed the long standing errant max vertical resize on screen size change
  • fixed scroll and resize issues


  • window opacity and window update settings work more correctly
  • tooltips float left or right side of mouse if run out of room on screen
  • tooltips now should consistently float on top of other windows like a tooltip