Combat Mode

***No longer being updated***

There is nothing wrong with this addon, but I am no longer going to be updating it.  I recommend that you use Lockdown which has the companion addon that I wanted to implement, but never did.

Carbine:  Just implement this in game already.

Combat Mode


What is Combat Mode?

Combat Mode is a script designed to create a control scheme similar to Neverwinter.  When toggled into combat mode the camera is locked as if Right Mouse Button (RMB) was being pressed, very similar to Deadlock Ext.  In addition, the LMB and RMB are remapped to "1" and "2".  Allowing them to be used to use combat abilities.

Why use Combat Mode?

I think everyone can agree that mouselook turning is a necessity in action oriented combat systems like Guild Wars 2, Wildstar, and World of Warcraft.  With that in mind almost everyone is constantly pressing their RMB to lock that camera, taking up valuable finger and button resources.  This allows for a much more dynamic combination of movement and skill use that otherwise would be difficult in the default control scheme.

Why not an Addon built into the Game?

Right now Carbine doesn't directly allow rebinding of the mouse buttons in game.  This is half the functionality of this control scheme and therefore at this point that doesn't seem possible.  If all you need is the mouselock then I recommend using Deadlock Ext.  There is promise that this will all be able to be in an addon.  That would allow for it to be game aware much like Deadlock Ext is now.

Will I get banned for using this?  - NO you won't!

Update from Carbine: 

It's not going to get you banned. Carbine's response:

I'm going to be up front and honest and say that I can't be 100% sure that you won't, but its highly unlikely.  I've sent emails, tweets, and support tickets to Carbine requesting comment on this script and have gotten no response.  With that said this script does not make any modifications to the game and runs completely outside of the game.  The only thing this script does is modifies your mouse button bindings.

How do I use this thing?

First thing you'll need is AutoHotKey:

I don't like sending out pre-compiled exe's so I don't plan on making a standalone exe.  Once you have this installed within the download you will find WSCM.ahk.  Double-clicking this should make a WildStar icon appear in your systray.  This can be done after you are in game or prior to launching, it doesn't matter.  Once this has been executed, when you are in game by default TAB will toggle you in and out of combat mode.  You should see a crosshair appear near the middle of the screen.  You should also notice that when you move the mouse it is now camera locked.  In addition, the LMB should activate anything bound to "1" and RMB should activate anything bound "2".  To toggle out of combat mode you can press TAB or ESC.

In-game Keybindings

There are a couple of key bindings that I recommend that you change within the game to facilitate the default settings.

TAB - Unbind from target.  While in combat mode things are done via mouselook and the crosshairs.  The need for tab targetting is unnecessary in general.  Note that there are situations when you want to target something and I recommend the E key.

Strafe Left/Right - I recommend that you map these to your A/D keys instead of the Q/E keys.  You won't be keyboard turning anyways so you would need turn left/right anymore

Q - Unbind this key.  By default in Combat mode this will allow you to unlock just the mouselook will still maintaining combat mode.  Think running away from someone in PVP and still being able to look behind you.

E - Unbind this key.  By default in Combat mode this will allow you to target what is currently under the crosshairs

Configuration Options

Configuring different key bindings can be done in the settings.ini file or by right-clicking the system tray icon and selecting Settings.  Note that some instructions can be found in the settings_help.txt file.

Please reload the script or right-clicking the system tray icon and select Reload for new keys to take effect.  You will not have to restart WildStar.



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