Concept is to take the most basic but necessary functionality from Killroy and create a slimmed down version that includes:


  • Splitting of long messages (done)
  • Enhancement to allow splitting of whispers (done)
  • Colorization of incoming messages for emote/say/OOC (done)
  • Cross-faction translation (done)
  • Recombining long messages into one (done)
  • Ability to add color channels. (done)
  • Ability to lock channel visibility. (done)
  • Visual message occlusion. (done)

To color channels, the syntax is /channel /setcolor  (or /channel /clearcolor to go back to default)

Example: /2 /setcolor  to choose a color for custom channel 2


To lock channel visibility on, the syntax is /channel /lock  (or /channel /unlock to remove the lock)

Example: /2 /lock to force custom channel 2 to always turn on.


To assign occlusion range, the syntax is /csocclusion (range)  (or /csocclusion 0 to disable)

Example: /csocclusion 30 will set message occlusion to 30 meters


Note: This module is NOT compatible with Killroy.



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