Patch Notes: 11/19/14 Update

Carbine released a patch yesterday and of course we have the patch notes to go along with it! Check out the UI/Addons section below or see all the notes on the official forums here!

Quote from CRB_Sunshine

User Interface

  • We have fixed an issue that was causing a strange flickering of buffs if players changed a spell on the LAS, while mounted.

  • Chat line fade out should now behave more consistently.

  • Chat line fade out can now be enabled/disabled with the mouse off fade configuration option‚Äč.

  • Apollo API

    • New event ICCommReceiveThrottled will fire when the players client is receiving too much data from the server via third party LUA addons. This event has two string parameters that are passed in, the name of the channel on which the message was not received, and the name of the sender who was attempting to send a message. For additional information please see this post written by the Script team to add-on creators.

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