PTR Patch Notes: 10/21/14 Update

Carbine updated the PTR and here's the patch notes! Now that they're done testing the megaservers, the PTR has gone back to the Nexus realm and is itself a megaserver, with the added benefit that European players can now help test again. Check out the official post here or read the notes below!

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  • PTR copies of the Entity and Warhound Megaservers have been retired, and PTR Nexus has returned -- now with Megaserver technology of its own. All your characters from PTR Entity and Warhound are gone, and your former Nexus characters have been restored. This also means that Europe can now help test again!
  • Updated the EULA date to “October 2” to reflect the proper timestamp on when its terms were last amended.

Items - The ‘Pristine Genesis Key’ now drops from Ohmna.

Engineer - Abilities

  • Unstable Anomaly
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Heal debuff not to apply if the damage is deflected.

General -  Fixed a bug that unintentionally made it more difficult to obtain a tier reward in certain public events.


  • Avatus
    • Fixed an issue with Disruption Beams.
    • Fixed an issue with Core Essence Security Orbs.
  • Elemental Pairs
    • Visceralus and Aileron
      • Visceralus' healing buff Osmosis will now be properly removed when that phase of the encounter is reached.
    • Megalith and Aileron
      • Fixed issue with players being able to get hit by multiple tornadoes and have multiple instances of Overcharged.
      • Fixed issue with Megalith being able to gain multiple speed stacks at once.
      • Updated Rockfall telegraphs to be more distinctive.
      • Walls of Wind now have a cast time, bar, and animation and is no longer an infinite-ticking proxy. Also increased delay before shield becomes active to 2s.
    • Visceralus and Pyrobane
      • Swarm adds are now visible.
      • Swarm adds have had their sounds toned down.
      • All adds should stop spawning on death of both Elementals.
      • The bomb that the Caretaker provides will now explode on contact with an Elemental (instead of only using a timed fuse).
      • Adjusted how many Essences of Life appear (and their total health) during the Flame Wave event.

User Interface

  • Fixed a UI bug with adding Cross-Realm Friends by Character Name.


  • Fixed a bug where certain housing enhancements might cause a player to log out with a Network Message error.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes an alt that had just used a server transfer wouldn’t have Account Roommate permissions.

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