WildStar Addon Spotlight: Sprint Meter Plus

WildStar Addon Spotlight

Sprint Meter Plus

Welcome to our weekly WildStar Addon Spotlight! This week we've got the spotlight on Sprint Meter Plus, an addon created by ramensama/Kurona that replaces your sprint meter and dash charges with custom layouts.

This weeks spotlight is on an addon called Sprint Meter Plus, and as the title suggests, it replaces the default Carbine addon Sprint Meter. While the default sprint meter is just a vertical bar with a cartoon person running next to it, Sprint Meter Plus transforms the meter into a vertical bar that you can customize in many ways.

As you can see in the image below, you get three styles to choose from, Normal, which is in-line with Carbines look and feel, Slim, which has a very minimalist look, and Kurona, which uses the same style as ramensama's unit frame addon, KuronaFrames.

You also get the option to set the size and width of the style to really make it  your own while also being able to drag it around to where you want it. To move it, you must have the option screen open, as when it's closed the sprint meter will fade away until you use it.

You'll also notice that it isn't just a sprint meter, it also incorporates your dashes as two bars below the sprint meter. With that added information you can even disable the default dash counter if you'd like, by disabling the Carbine addon called "HealthShieldBar"; which ramensama points out on his project page, actually doesn't have anything to do with health or shields. Finally, coloring options will be coming in a future update if you really don't like the colors used. There's no ETA on when we'll see that, but ramensama is pretty active in the development of his addon and I'm sure we'll see that option soon.


  • Install using the free Curse Client, which you can download here, or follow the manual instructions below:
  1. Download the Addon from here.
  2. Locate your Addons folder. (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons)
  3. Place the SprintMeterPlus folder found in the .zip file into your Addons folder.

Final Words

WildStar addons come in various shapes and sizes. While Sprint Meter Plus only replaces one tiny aspect of the default UI, it does so by consolidating two close functions in your sprint meter and dash tokens, enabling you to disable two Carbine addons for the price of one addon. I totally recommend checking it out and if there's some aspect you think can be improved, ramensama has shown that he's quite flexible and willing to update his addons from users requests.

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