Megaservers are here! - Patch Notes

Megaservers are here in WildStar! Ahead of their planned maintenance window, Carbine's opening up the Megaservers! You can check out the patch notes below and we'll see you on Nexus!

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  • Megaserver technology has been brought online. Players will now have access to a single realm of their choice for PvP and PvE play. With this architectural change, we have introduced a new surname system and players will be prompted to rename their characters with both a first and last name upon entry to the character selection screen.


  • Guilds, Circles, Arena Teams, and Warparty's that were renamed by server mergers will have an opportunity (one time only) to rename themselves.
  • Fixed an issue where translated strings with a length of one were displaying the English version of the string in all cases.
  • Addressed some causes of network latency on crowded realms.
  • Added French and German channels for Zone and Advice.
  • Character select can now display more than 6 characters.


  • Combat
    • ‚ÄčIf a player logs out with action set 3 or 4 active, when they log back in it will no longer switch player to action set 1.


  • Datascape
    • Elemental Pairs
      • Hydroflux & Aileron
        • Kiting Aileron will no longer prevent him from beginning the “Eye of the Storm” event.


  • Characters with path abilities reset to base tier should now have the tier auto-adjusted to the correct value.

User Interface

  • Many UI elements have been reworked to accommodate first and last character names.
  • The Guild Influence window should now display numbers properly in all languages.

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