Megaservers coming this Wednesday

Carbine announced today that Megaservers are coming Wednesday! They'll be shutting down the current servers at 5am PDT Wednesday morning and they'll be down for approximately 12 to 24 hours. Once the servers are back up, you'll have to rename your characters too. You'll get a first name and a surname and Carbine even released naming guides for the Exiles and for the Dominion.

Quote from CRB_Anlath

It was announced not too long ago that Megaservers were coming to WildStar. We’ve remained quiet simply because we were hard at work developing and testing this new technology. The hard work has paid off and we’re ready to make the transition! That being said, we’re happy to announce we will be bringing all Realms down to begin the Megaserver merge on Wednesday, October 15th 2014!

What exactly does that mean?

It means that by introducing Megaservers, we are increasing server capacity. You can enjoy the game with more players around you; grouping with friends, raiding with guildmates, and providing more opportunities to enjoy all that WildStar has to offer!

We called upon all Nexus citizens to vote for the new Megaserver names and the majority have spoken!  Below are the names of your new Realms:

  North America Europe
PvP Megaserver Warhound Luminai
PvE Megaserver Entity


Here are the specifics, you’ll find the answers to the most common questions below but check out the Megaserver FAQ on our support site for more detailed information.

What’s happening on October 15th 2014?

All realms will be brought down for maintenance beginning Wednesday, October 15th at 5:00 AM Pacific Timefor a period of 12 to 24 hours.

This is a complex operation and we want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible,you can stay informed on the progress of the downtime by visiting us on the forums and social media.

This is not standard maintenance,  so in appreciation for your patience while we make this transition, we are giving a month’s worth of Boom-Boxes (One per day for 30 days) and a free day of game time to all our players, with the additional time to be credited to accounts by no later than the end of October.

How will the Megaservers work?

After the transition, all characters that were on PvP realms before will be on either Warhound (NA) or Luminai (EU), and all the characters that were on a PvE server (Roleplaying realms included) will be on Entity (NA) or Jabbit (EU). The North America/Europe region locking will still apply.

Are all characters, guilds and their belongings being moved?

All characters of level 3 or more will be moved with all their stuff. All guilds, arena teams, circles, mail and auction items will also be moved. All level 1 and 2 characters that have not been logged into the game within 30 days will be deleted. So if you have one of those that you’d like to keep, now is time to act!

What will happen to my character name?

Along with the Megaservers, we will be introducing surnames into WildStar to prevent any duplicate names. The first time you log into WildStar after the transition, you will be prompted to add a second name - and if you like, you can change your original name at this time as well. As we explain above, we will be deleting any characters that are below level 3 and have not logged in within 30 days prior to the merger, in order to remove duplicate names. If you’re short of ideas for a new or second name, you can check our Exiles and Dominion naming guides for some inspiration.

What happens if two guilds from different realms have the same name?

Our goal is to ensure the transition to Megaservers is as smooth and convenient as possible. However, it is not possible for two guilds to use the exact same guild name. When a naming conflict exists, the oldest guild with the conflicted name will be permitted to keep it. If the name chosen for your guild is no longer available, the Guild Leader will be prompted to rename their guild on first login. Names are checked for eligibility once the leader confirms name change. Guild Leaders can also choose “Remind Me Later” which will give the guild a temporary name with special characters and the Guild Leader will be prompted to change the name the next time they log-in.

Please make sure your new Guild’s name following our naming policy which is available at I’m transferring from a French / German realm. Will I be able to find other players that speak my language?

If your characters are coming from a French or German realm, you’ll automatically get added to the French or German zone and advice channels with these characters.

If you’re coming from an English realm or using a new character, you can join these chat channels manually. For a full list of commands please check the FAQ.

If your question is still unanswered, feel free to ping us on the forums or on Twitter. Thank you again for your patience!

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