Help test the NA PvE MegaServer transfers on the PTR!

With the new megaservers just around the corner Carbine needs help testing them! All they need for you to do is hop on the PTR and check the status of your characters since they merged all the PvE characters into the Entity realm. Check out Virtue's post below for more info and log into the PTR today!

Quote from Virtue

Hi All,

We are currently in the process of testing the NA PvE MegaServer transfers on the PTR realm Entity.  

We'd like all NA players who have the time today to poke around the PTR to hop on and check on their characters.  Please note that the merger we performed was only for NA PvE realms and EU players will not be able to login for testing purposes.  Due to the constraints of the database and the architecture we will be running with MegaServers, it limits our datacenter permissions, so this round of testing will be limited.  

Please report all bugs on the PTR Bug Forum.

A download link to the PTR can be found here

Specifically, we are looking for players to take a general pass across all systems and should anything appear out of whack, let us know. 


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