WildStar News: Client Optimizations

We got some big news yesterday for folks who struggle to run WildStar on their PCs. Technical Director Sean Craig dropped some great info Monday evening about how they are still working hard at client optimization and that some gains have been made for the Defile drop coming in November. It adds up to about a 10-20% increase in performance on some machines, but you'll have to wait for this to hit the PTR and test it to see how much better it runs on your machine. Here's hoping they can get this on the PTR sooner than later!

Quote from SeanCraig

The Defile Drop has a number of performance improvements, including:

  • Reduction in the size of vertex and index buffers
  • Reduction in the size of our terrain data
    • This change not only reduces our install size by ~500 megs, it will help performance on memory starved machines.
  • Optimizations to ocean rendering
  • Optimization to some critical sections in the game
  • Better parallelization of update and draw calls
    • Up to a 15% improvement on some machines
  • Reduction in the amount of dynamic resources used per frame to work better with AMD GPU drivers.

Beyond the defile drop, we’re working on additional optimizations to Map/Unmapping buffers (which is much slower on AMD graphics cards), portrait rendering, and many more medium-to-long-term fixes.

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