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Product Director Mike Donatelli posted a new 'State of the Game' post on the official forums today. It's totally worth a read but to summarize some of the important info, he said that drop three, aka 'The Defile', will hit in early November but if it's not ready, they will delay it if they have to. It's Carbines new stance on getting quality content out the door instead of dropping content like it's hot and ending up with a mess of bugs. Read the entire 'State of the Game' address here! Donatelli also talked about some of the major changes they are working on:

Quote from Mike Donatelli

Here are a couple of the big ticket items that you’ve probably already seen, or will see, in the game:

  • Attunement- The raid content was designed to have players actually play it. We adjusted the attunement process to help get players into raids, where the real challenge is. Getting in is one thing, being prepared is another. We are currently implementing a training dungeon that will help train and prepare players for the epic challenges that await them in our dungeons and raids. I want to stress that we’re not nerfing raids, we’re just giving you the tools to succeed when tackling them.
  • Elder Game Itemization – We got a ton of testing and feedback on the early leveling content in beta stages, as that is what gets tested the most. Since launch we’ve tried to respond as quickly as possible to the concerns about elder game items based on direct feedback from the thousands of players playing the live build, something that got little interaction before launch. We’ve been making positive changes related to rune slots and how desirable the hard content rewards are and we’re not close to finished yet.
  • PvP – Early PvP systems incentivized toxic behavior and play patterns. While updates to the gear and matchmaking system have gone a long way to mitigate this, expect further updates and adjustments in the future.

And this is just the beginning folks, the first step in building and maintaining regular, honest communication. We’re working on the next post that will detail the major features we’re tweaking and introducing into the game and how WildStar really does provide gaming experiences for all play styles – casual and hardcore.


This is great news! But if you are left wondering when the hell we'll actually see the megaservers, we know they'll be coming before drop three, thanks to a post by Director of Operations, Cougar:

Quote from Cougar

Megaservers are separate from the next big Drop. Megaservers will come beforehand. 

Are you excited for drop three? How about the megaservers? Possibly the changes outlined above? Let us know in the comments below and we'll see you on Nexus!

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