WildStar News: PvP Leaderboards Introduced

Carbine released today their first ever PvP Leaderboards and gleaming through the spreadsheets you can find some interesting stats. Like the fact that there are 151 Exile players to 99 Dominion players in the NA's Battleground top 250 players, while the margin is even wider in the EU's battleground top 250 with 94 Dominion players to 156 Exile players. The thing is, the top 20 EU players are still split 10 Exile to 10 Dominion players, which is quite remarkable. Just don't look at the NA Battlegrounds top 20, because it's the widest faction gap of them all, with 14 Exile players and only 6 Dominion players in top 20, and worse, there's only 2 Dominion players in the top 10.

Carbine is providing weekly spreadsheets of the top 250 players for 2v2's, 3v3's, 5v5's and Battlegrounds, in the NA and EU regions respectively. They've also created a page where you can constantly view the top 50 players in each category and you can get those updates every Thursday from here on out. I know the PvP community has been asking about leaderboards and today is their day. Hopefully this will even foster an improved PvP community as bragging rights are reigning in all over to the world.

Where you ranked? Let us know in the comments below! Otherwise, click the banner below to head to the official leaderboard page. 

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