New Elerium Update for Authors and Users

A shiny new update was slipped into Elerium in the last 2 days. The gremlins failed to make an announcement but users are already noticing less dragon attacks and more fairy sprinkles.

Included in the new updates:

  • Game Version sorting. Yes you can now sort mods and other projects by game version. You can either look for mods for a specific version or go to a mod and look for files for a specific version. No longer will you be disappointed by seeing a great mod only to find out its for the wrong version.

  • New selectors and Sorting for Files - Files now have sortable tables for easier file management. Bulk Deletion of old files is also possible now.
  • Custom File Names - Authors are no longer stuck with "file-B-1.2.3" or whatever their version system picked. They can now choose a display name on uploading or by editing current files.
  • File Sorting - Sort the files of your favorite mods by size,game version, upload date, or release type
  • File Table - If a file is available for more than 1 game version it will display a "+1"  and show what other versions are supported.
  • Recent Files - Now shows a release stream with the most recent Alpha, Beta and Release Files for all game versions.
  • The CurseForge API has been updated to handle multiple file uploads - There is even documentation. No guessing required. Give it a try. 

Bug Fix - Notifications of "Changes Required" and "Rejected" reasons should be delivered much more accurately by the email elves. Our previous gnome delivery system was apparently eating some notifications in transit.

There's also some backend stuff so the moderation griffons can spend less time scratching their heads and going "Ummm where was that enchanted sword I need for fixing this issue?" Which will further improve wait times, but will mostly appear as magical fluff for users.

*As always the gnomes may have run off with a few bits and pieces. Rouges may have sabotaged some lines here and there. If you find a bug report it for fixing. If you have something you'd like to see, use the bar on the right to give us feedback.



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