WildStar Add-On Contest Winners!

Our exceptional panel of judges has researched and tested hundreds of WildStar add-ons, but only the best can rise to the top on planet Nexus. Looking to customize your gameplay? Check out these winners!

Grand Prize Winner: MrFancyPants Equipment Manager by lordvance

This is an equipment manager add-on that uniquely allows you to do something not yet implemented in the actual API - Gear sets.

MrFancyPants allows players to create and save various sets of gear. A large interface icon is added to the UI and allows you to switch Action Sets and displays any gear you need to equip for that set. (Once EquipItem is implemented within the API, an updated version of the add-on will be released.)

2nd Place: CommodityStats by Boe2

This add-on offers an interface essential for any serious commodities trader. It keeps track of the commodities exchange data, including trends, and displays them in a convenient little graph. It also keeps track of all your transactions and allows you to customize price setting automatically for buy and sell orders based on the current market.

3rd Place: Aura Mastery by Jamez226

This is a vastly complex add-on giving you the ability to customize event notifications for your buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, resources, health, procs and well, almost anything that fires an event. The wiki resource for the add-on will get you started!

Honorable Mentions:

  • JunkIt by Sinaloit
    This is a shopping assistant add-on that allows you to configure auto selling of loot in your inventory directly from the shopkeeper interface. Options include preventing salvageables from being sold, setting rarity thresholds for sale, and ignoring costumes.
  • CandyBars by nskate0
    This is an ActionBar add-on that allows you to unbind, move, and customize your action bars - a must have for players who prefer something other than the stock HUD. It also allows fast switching between AB layouts.

Kudos to all of the authors that entered and congratulations to our winners!

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