Patch Notes: 8/27/14 Update

Carbine released a weekly patch earlier today. Check out the notes below, highlights include squashing a bug that was turning quality items into white items without their bonus stats and a new option in the graphics department called 'Visual Spell Suppression' that might bump up your FPS a bit and should help you to see better in big raids where spell effects are covering your screen. Below are just the UI changes, but you can read the entire set of notes here!

Quote from BigV

User Interface

  • Buying an ability now unlocks it immediately in the UI for all other action sets.
  • Added video options to control ‘Visual Spell Suppression’. This will help tone down the amount of spell effects in large groups and may help a ton in raids!
  • Fixed an issue that prevented account inventory items from being shown.
  • Guest Accounts can no longer open the player trading UI (an attempt would fail regardless).
  • There is now a limit to the amount of characters that can be sent in a support ticket.
  • Fixed a client crash if a user had 95 slots in their bank.

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