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The holidays are coming up quick and with that we have our family gatherings to attend to (or you know, sitting on the couch eating ham and watching TV)! Since we prefer to spend out holidays with our family instead of looking over files all day we will have limited availability to approval files/projects or answer questions during this time. Below you can find our full schedule, while most of these days are marked unavailable one of us might check in randomly during the day to clear the queue out. On Christmas Eve I will make sure the queue is clear before I head to bed to prevent any 24-hour delays. If you have an emergency or concern feel free to reach out to me on twitter (@ZeldoKavira) and if I see it I will be glad to help :)


  • Thanksgiving (11/24)
    • No availability. Expect 6-18 hour delays.
  • Black Friday (11/25)
    • Limited Availability. Expect 1-2 hour delays.
  • Christmas Eve (12/24)
    • No availability. Expect 6-18 hour delays.
  • Christmas Day (12/25)
    • No availability. Expect 6-18 hour delays.
  • New Years Eve (12/31)
    • Limited Availability after 4PM PST. Expect 4-6 hour delays.
    • Click here and add your city to see what time this is where you live!
  • New Years Day (1/1)
    • Limited Availability before 12AM PST. Expect 4-6 hour delays.
    • Click here and add your city to see what time this is where you live!

Separate from our Holiday hours we recently hired a new moderator to help with our work load. We have all been working 7 days a week for quite a few months to keep up with you guys and your awesome mods/addons but we are looking forward to time off again! That said we are still a little understaffed and so there will be two 8 hour periods in which the queue will not be covered every week. These will be the same every week and easily predictable in case anything comes up! We went through our stats and these two shifts are the least impactful for you guys, but we understand this can be frustrating apologize for the inconvenience. This will kick in starting next week.


  • Tuesdays from 12AM to 8AM PST
  • Wednesdays from 12AM to 8AM PST 

Here are these times converted to a few time zones:











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