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Welcome to our weekly WildStar Addon Spotlight! This week we've got the spotlight on TieDye, an addon created by skwurlgrrl/aria that shows you the dyes you don't have and also lets you search dyes by color!

Are you an avid dye collector? Does it bug you that you can't see what dyes you are missing in the Costume UI? Well the addon TieDye is here to fill in that gap in functionality, and it works so well you wouldn't even know it's an addon! TieDye blends seemlessly into the Costume UI and it does it so well you'd be hard pressed to remember what it looked like before you installed TieDye.

There isn't anything to configure, unless you want to turn it off, which you can by typing /tiedye into the chat window. You can sort the different dyes by the ID number, alphabetically or by the dye's cost to use it. You can also list the dyes by little color squares or you can list them by name and you can filter the dyes by only showing the dyes you own or all of them at once.

It does a great job of showing you all of the dyes, and since the dyes have been datamined out of the client, you can bet there aren't any missing dyes. In fact, there's even some dyes listed that don't even have names, most likely because they were never implemented or they haven't released them yet. That being said, the ability to search for dyes by color is a very nice feature. Just click that button and slide the color picker across the color spectrum and dyes are filtered on the fly.

Not only does this addon filter dyes by color, you can also search for them by name. Aria's even got a list of features she plans on implementing in the future for TieDye including sorting dyes by their collection and the ability to tell you where you can find dyes you don't have yet.


  • Install using the free Curse Client, which you can download here, or follow the manual instructions below:
    1. Download the Addon from here.
    2. Locate your Addons folder. (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons)
    3. Place the TieDye folder found in the .zip file into your Addons folder.

Final Words

Even if you aren't an avid dye collector, TieDye's seamless integration within WildStar makes the Costume UI seem like it should have been that way from the beginning. Aria is actively updating her addon and making it better every day. Do yourself a favor and download it now!

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