WildStar News: More PvP Changes Coming

With the Sabotage patch came a renewed focus on PvP and Carbine is really trying to listen to player feedback and make some changes that hopefully both sides can live with. This is no easy feat and just last evening on the official forums, "CRB_TheMuffinMan" put up a long post about changes that are coming to help balance PvP more effectively and update us on current issues. Check out the post below and below that are the most recent Nexus Reports both focusing on PvP changes.

Quote from CRB_TheMuffinMan

Here is an update on current issues:

Rating Bracket Bug:

The issue of players not getting queue pops when grouped together due to having ratings on the opposite sides of certain ratings thresholds has been fixed and was pushed out last night.

Healing in PvP:

Adjustments are being made internally to increase the effectiveness of healing in PvP. This change will need a balance pass and testing so I can’t provide an ETA at this time.

Time to Kill:

We are currently investigating ways to address concerns regarding time to kill. We have been looking at player health values in end game PvP and looking at possible adjustments to the Min/Max damage modifiers gained through PvP stats. We have no ETA on any adjustments at this time

Gear Gaps:

The gear gaps are being closed. The intent is to make it so skilled players in blues will still be competitive with players in Tier 2 sets (1800’s). We will be making following changes:

  • The PvP blue set will be boosted to the current Tier 1 set
  • The Tier 2 set will remain the same
  • The Tier 1 set will be boosted to bridge the gap between blues and Tier 2.  
  • The cost of blues will also be reduced by approximately 50%

This change is targeted to be pushed out in the next few weeks.

Same Faction Rated Battlegrounds (exile vs. exile and dominion vs. dominion):

This is something I have been investigating and would like to add in the future, however this is not something that is a quick change. Currently, battlegrounds are built for opposing faction in terms of world art (more so Daggerstone than Walatiki and HotBS), VO and strings. It would also require a rework of the existing BG queuing system.

I am currently seeking approvals for adding this feature and will provide updates when I am able.

Making Tier 2 Gear obtainable in Rated Battlegrounds:

I would also like to make Tier 2 pvp gear obtainable in Rated Battlegrounds. This is another change that will require approval and again, I will provide updates when I am able.

Entering Enemy Spawns in Battlegrounds:

Fixes to prevent this have been made for Daggerstone and Walatiki and will be pushed out this week or next.

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