Addon Spotlight: What Did I Loot?

Addon Spotlight

What Did I Loot?

Welcome to our weekly WildStar Addon Spotlight! This week we've got the spotlight on What Did I Loot?, an addon created by jjflanigan/CubicleNinja that records everything you have looted so you can find out what you just looted.

Sometimes in the heat of the action, you tend to mash the 'V' key to loot up everything and you don't necessarily get the chance to look through what you just looted. Other times, you just instinctively loot up a bunch of stuff and it may flash by too quickly to see what it was. This is where 'What Did I Loot?' (WDIL) comes in handy!

WDIL's UI is a window that gives you a list of what you have recently looted. It can be configured to never forget what you have looted or you can have it reset the data on reload. Personally, I like it to reset on reload as the count can be way higher than you actually have in your bags. The UI fits within WildStar's design very well and it can be resized by draggin the corners as you see fit.

You bring up the main window by typing /wdil or finding the 'What Did I Loot?' listing in the Interfaces menu. You can also pin that button to your quick launch bar by pressing the little pin button on the right to easily bring up WDIL. There aren't a ton of configuration options, but you can blacklist items you don't want to display as well as a few options concerning item counts and looted vs. quest reward cash. It's all pretty self-explanatory and using WDIL couldn't be any more straightforward.


  • Install using the free Curse Client, which you can download here, or follow the manual instructions below:
    1. Download the Addon from here.
    2. Locate your Addons folder. (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons)
    3. Place the WhatDidILoot folder found in the .zip file into your Addons folder.

Final Words

While you may use other addons to display your loot when you actually loot it, WDIL fills a gap that forms post-looting, to show you exactly what was suctioned up and thrown into your bags. I use it about every time I log-in to WildStar and it's lightweight enough for those who may have memory concerns. I highly recommend checking What Did I Loot? out and I guarantee that it'll find a permanent place in your addons folder once you use it a few times!

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