Patch Notes: Sabotage Content Drop

Carbine released their second content patch last night titled 'Sabotage' and it mostly centers around a new PvP battleground that shares the same name. Along with the content drop, Carbine patched a lot of bugs and you can read the UI changes and API changes below. Head here to read the patch notes in their entirety!

Quote from BigV

API Changes

  • Added an Apollo API function ‘GetTextColor’ to window to get a window's current text color

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where certain special characters were being treated as word delimiters.

  • Improvements have been made to the salvage UI! It is now a flat list of all salvageable items and each entry has a detailed tooltip which compares the item with what you currently have equipped!

  • Fixed an issue where several addons would not load correctly if the player did not have addon save data.

  • Fixed a LUA error in the quest tracker if you disabled the Interface (OptionsInterface) addon.

  • Added an Objective Tracker for the new Daggerstone Pass Battleground.

  • The scoreboard at the end of a PvP match can now be toggled by the button located in the middle of PvP info window.

  • The character panel now shows updated PvP Healing, PvP Defense, and PvP Offense stats.

  • Tradeskill items should now properly appear in the chat log.

  • The 'Buy AMP Reset' button is no longer available right after you buy a reset but haven't locked in any AMPs. At this point you should hit 'Undo Changes' to undo your work.

  • The filter buttons will now also be applied to search results.

  • Added extra formatting to numbers in the Character Panel.

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause chat settings from restoring properly.

  • ActionBarShortcut spells now visually change when they are disabled, as intended.

  • Fixed a number of bugs in the costumes UI.

  • Mail now has an error message if you try to send mail as a guest account (which you are not allowed to do, for economy balance reasons).

  • Fixed an error caused by trying to collect a Boom Box while on cooldown.

  • Pre-Order Tutorials will no longer appear when a Player reaches certain levels.

  • Fixed an error caused by using an ability on an immune target.

  • There are new map icons that indicate whether a quest objective is physically located above or below the player character.

  • Fixed an error caused by closing the C.R.E.D.D. Exchange window while a notification window was showing.

  • Fixed an error that was fired whenever a player gifted C.R.E.D.D to a friend.

  • Intensity and Savagery Gadget tooltips now display a 10 second duration as intended.

  • Pumera Pelts for the Big Game Hunters quest now appear properly when they're dropped.

  • Boosts should now use the correct spell icons.

  • Challenge and quest hexes outside of the explorable area will no longer be highlighted on the zone map.

  • Added overhead icons to NPCs that accept reputation items and NPCs that convert Settler resources.

  • Updated Datacube entries to stay open even when clicking on another part of the screen.

  • Updated text display in French and German for the following areas:

    • Target frame over other Players

    • Group Options Menu

    • Tradeskill Trainers

    • Combat Options

    • Buff tab in Housing Crate

    • Vendor "Repair All" Button

    • Element names for Runecrafting

  • Added a new dice icon to the Need vs. Greed window.

  • Added sounds to the mount selection window.

  • Fixed a LUA error that occurred when Stalkers used False Retreat.

  • Fixed an issue where ignored Players were still appearing on the friends list.

  • Updated the action bar shortcut keys. Holding them down while opening the game menu will no longer allow that action to continue when returning to game.

  • Added a loading spinner to the C.R.E.D.D. Exchange in case of lag during requests to the server.

  • Fixed an issue where PvP-flagged Players couldn't see if they were still flagged or not.

  • Updated Residence Settings dialogs to be marked escape-able.

  • Fixed the expand/minimize button for Engineer bot controls to correctly reflect the visual state.

  • Updated the Resolution button to show the correct resolution when User.ini is deleted or not yet created.

  • Fixed an issue in character creation that caused incorrect options to appear.

  • Fixed a lot of default window positions to play better with Window Position saving.

  • Added a sound for when the login queue finishes.

  • Updated the headers in the Neighbors UI to sortable buttons.

  • Fixed a text truncation issue in item tooltips.

  • Fixed an issue where Players would lose their vehicle bar if they disconnected.

  • Fixed the Add, Remove Member, Leave, and Disband buttons in the Arena Roster UI so that they close their respective windows correctly.

  • Fixed the sounds for selecting Power Cores in Circuit Board Crafting.

  • Fixed a bug where the Character Panel wouldn't update if opened a second time with the Rune Set tab still open.

  • Updated the huge tabs in Account Inventory to hover correctly when moused over. Unlicensed Protostar hoverboard technology may have been used.

  • Updated the links in the Crafting Tech tree to open in the Schematic list.

  • Removed the Interface Menu List from the raid frame.

  • Added new art for the stun breakout gameplay.

  • Removed some unnecessary tags in the tooltips shown when inspecting another Player's secondary stats.

  • Fixed the Ability Queue Length slider to show the correct value.

  • Updating the video option tooltip descriptions.

  • Fixed an error caused by Players receiving a tutorial panel before the social panel was loaded.

  • Fixed an error caused by closing the window used to visit a neighbor.

  • Fixed an issue where Renown rewards from quests were showing up as Platinum in the Quest Log.

  • Removed a duplicate button from the video options.

  • Fixed an error in the tutorial search function.

  • Added a loading screen tip with instructions on how to use /stuck command in the event the Player get stuck in the game world.

  • Fixed several spells that were missing buff icons.

  • AMP item tooltips now display correctly.

  • Failed quests will now keep an episode active in the Player quest tracker.

  • Tutorials now have an option to hide all of them in addition to just the category being shown.

  • Updated cinematic subtitles to better represent vocal efforts.

  • You can no longer ignore your alts. Why would you, they are such nice people!

  • Fixed the tooltip on items which are class restricted to properly display the class in all cases.

  • Optimized how we load windows in the Interface Options' Window Management.

  • Removed several addon dependencies on the Interface Options menu.

  • When you search a tradeskill, it now clears the right side of the screen to prevent accidental confusion and crafting.

  • Minor style updates to the Quest Tracker.

  • In the Quest Tracker, fixed event grouping sorting in relation to quests

  • Fixed an issue where the quest tracker would draw over the datachron if the datachron was open.

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