New Automatic Packaging Feature for Addons

Are you tired of having to build .zip files? Is your code on GitHub or BitBucket? Are you a WildStar addon author?

If so you will love our newly released Automatic Packaging. It slices, it dices, it saves wear and tear on your keyboard and finger joints. It even has documentation on how to use it: . Now for a low monthly payment of 3 Draken hearts or 6 Aurin ears you can automatically build and upload .zip archives from GitHub or BitBucket. Then you can push to your project page with the file pre-marked as Alpha, Beta, or Release. Have fun and enjoy knowing you can use the time you used to use to zip files to take up interpretive dance, or make another addon or any other socially acceptable hobby.

* This new version of the packager is currently only available to WildStar. Please report any bugs, glitches, malfunctions or explosions. We take no responsibility for persons using this to create archives of cat pictures. Slicing and dicing component not available in most countries.



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